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Rebirth: Chapter 25

An eternity had already seemed to go by in only these past few days.
Tallia paced around her castle quarters, trapped and angry. Ever since her mother had discovered her to be escaping at night there had been a special guard placed outside all of the exits. 4,091 more words


Firts post of the new year... -__- sorry

So my lazy butt is finally making a post. I have many new projects as well as unfinished ideas.

I have already far extended my common sense doll spending allowance. 418 more words

Dollfie Dream

Rebirth: Chapter 24

When dawn broke her blue eyes opened in quiet repose.
Laeleth glanced about the dimly lit room. The polished furniture and elegant surroundings were painted in a golden blush from the sun’s emerging kiss. 4,702 more words


Rebirth: Chapter 23

Gabriel was standing by the window when she arrived, staring out into the moonlit gardens once more.
Laeleth waited briefly in the doorway as she watched him. 4,366 more words


A 16-Bit Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Revamped

For me, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest was a watershed moment in the Metroidvania genre. Actually, take that back it completely redefined the Medtroidvania game design template. 251 more words

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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence - PS2

A word of advice for any game developers in my reading audience: if you make a game with the potential to give the players a stroke from the sheer force of disappointment, don’t use the term “Lament” in the title. 1,438 more words


Rebirth: Chapter 22

Laevon hurried back inside the stately manor. His light guard’s mail clanked as he made his way through the halls.
“Gabriel!” he called out as he went, hoping to run across him. 4,245 more words