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NES Review - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Release Date: April 27th 1990

If you played the original Castlevania, and expected something just as awesome for a sequel, be prepared to be thoroughly disappointed. 1,228 more words


Devil's Castle: Thoughts on the Future of Castlevania

I am a huge fan of the Castlevania series, both the classic games as well as the Lords of Shadow trilogy by MercurySteam. I found myself constantly making references to the franchise in my blog posts and gaming community comments, so I figured why not get it all out and make a post solely on that topic.


Awakening: Chapter 9

“BURN THE WITCH!!! TO HELL WITH THE HERETIC!” angry voices were calling out.
The faces of the villagers appeared like monstrous devils lit by the flames of hell as they brandished their torches. 5,248 more words


52 Game Challenge Finish #1: Super Castlevania IV

The first game to be crossed off the list for the 52 Game Challenge is Super Castlevania IV for the SNES. After playing through both Castlevania and Castlevania III last year, I’ve really come to appreciate the beautiful Mode 7 graphics, wonderful soundtrack and best of all: smooth controls. 133 more words


Five Long Shots for the Wii U Virtual Console

Here are five Game Boy Advance games I hope will come to the Wii U Virtual Console as it picks up steam, even if I should know better.

Top 5 Friday: My Most Games Finished Per Series

Rather than do an opinion-based list this week, I decided to do one based entirely on facts and numbers. Quite simply, I’ve ranked the five game franchises in which I’ve finished the most games.


Retro Game Friday: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

This week I’m covering Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. It’s my favorite DS Castlevania game.

Plot Synopsis: The story occurs in Dracula’s castle and is set in 1944 Europe during World War II.  135 more words