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Now we’re talking! Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening was released for the PS2 in 2005, and is a strong candidate for the best game on that console.  954 more words

Timespinner an awesome pixel-based 2D Metroidvania coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC

There are various ingredients required to form a successful Kickstarter campaign, primarily having a good idea. Yet it also pays to show evidence that the #game in question is not only real, but is full of potential. 175 more words

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Awakening: Chapter 8

A morning mist had crept in and settled over the forest. The air was thick with the damp and chilling effect.

Laeleth thought she could still hear her name gently whispered on the wind. 4,193 more words


'The Retro Play Show' #28: "Castlevania: Bloodlines" (GEN)

Many people that grew up playing the old, side-scrolling Castlevania games will likely remember the original, Simon’s QuestSuper Castlevania IV on the SNES, and probably  272 more words



It’s been a pretty dry garage sale season when it comes to game hunting… until last weekend!

All this plus a complete SNES console for a mere $54.   517 more words

Conquering Castlevania

I’ve never really gotten the old school Casltevanias. Sure, I played the first two on the NES, but the first was too hard for me at seven years old and the second was too inscrutable. 675 more words

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