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Keep Your Kitteh Warm

Years ago I ordered a Cozy Cushion for Cats from Drs. Foster & Smith for the cats in our house. Now we’re up to 4 Cozy Cushions! 167 more words


Caturday - Sharing the Bed

Last week I bought this cute cat bed made from an old barbeque lid. The cats really like it, so much that they even share. … 16 more words


The Scratching Post: Etsy Shopping for Your Cat

No one, not even internet inventor Al Gore, could have predicted the star-crossed love affair between the world wide web and cats. As love affairs go, it’s a bit of a one way street. 590 more words

I Love Craft Fairs!

Yesterday I went to a craft fair at my daughter’s old high school. It cost $1 to get in and the money went to support the band. 301 more words

Yakety Yak

Almost forgot to mention

He was pretty chatty today and was purring up a storm. That’s new behavior since he’s come back and I’m glad to hear it again.

Surgical Site

I’m amazed at how good the surgical site looks now.  A few days has made a drastic difference.

New bed versus hiding spot

I dragged Mr. Foster out of his hiding spot and got him to experience the comfort of his new bed. I’m hoping that he’ll start going to his new bed, instead of the hiding spot under my bed, when he wants to sleep.