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Home Is Where The Heart Is

I’ve come to distrust the loyalty of cats. From my desk I can hear George scratching at my back door. The sun is starting to set, so, as usual, I know he’ll be waiting scruffy and desperate on my back doormat. 1,187 more words

Pet & Animal-Related Stories

Post 482: 'nipped

Andy put up a valiant effort today to avoid getting his daily dose of blood pressure medicine. The process began a bit after 3 AM, but took till 6:45 AM to complete: He didn’t want to take his medicine today! 435 more words

Snips and Snails

Pineapple Upside Down Cat.

Earlier I went outside to find Davout practicing his lurking skills.  Where’s Waldo?

When I spotted him he moved to another place of concealment. 38 more words


A Book

Perhaps I shall write a book.


What Cats Think About Us

There’s evidence that suggests that humans had domesticated cats 9,500 years ago, and they’ve been apart of our lives ever since then.  One of the earliest evidence of cat domestication is in China in an archeological site that’s an ancient farm.  395 more words


Post 481: a new favorite toy

Andy tried to get may attention, but I’d just begun reading today’s comics online. (“Dang! Can’t the cat wait a moment?” I wondered.)

I tried to ignore Andy a bit longer, but he knew I had something on my computer desk that he wanted. 128 more words

Pet Pest Control

It is always good to give your kittens a marketable skill to ensure their futures…

I started on this on the weekend when I started playing with Davout with a stem of honeysuckle that had grown wild.   104 more words