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Post 382: Andy finds the 'nip

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This year, Nebraska voters who registered as “Nonpartisan” can ask to get ballots that allow them to vote in the primary on the Democratic Party ballots as a “Nonpartisan-Democrat”. 168 more words

Nothing Exciting

The cats spent some time outside but I didn’t take any pictures.  So I took some inside.  This half of the room works like a light box in a studio.   54 more words


Red Dot

The kittens are the first cats I’ve known that like the red laser pointer dot.  I broke it out to give them some action today. 75 more words


Singing Lessons

Hey Mama, the dog needs singing lessons.


Go Fishing

Hey Mama, we should go fishing.


Who's Watching?

The number one watcher is Julie today.  He has been spending a lot more time looking out for the kittens when they are outside playing in the back yard.   312 more words