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Meals of Grass

It was a nice day to go out and the theme of the day was grass eating.  Julie has always been a big grass eater…and barfer, of course.   315 more words



Hey Mama, is this Fish Fry Friday?


Post 379: The neighbor sets up a bird feeder. Andy approves!

Whether by design or accident, the neighbor’s new bird feeder is right outside Andy’s favorite bird watching window. He approves!

I must thank my neighbor. Her bird feeder is a success!

Life Goes On

Yesterday after saying goodbye to Gus, we all took some time to recharge some in the back yard in the sun.  Julie is apparently over his reluctance to be outside and spent some of the time patrolling the pool area next door.   376 more words


Post 378: Who's that in the window, and why is my plant upside down on the chair?

The window by the dining room table is Andy’s preserve. That’s where he watches the rose-bush birds and people doing people things outside.

This morning, however, I heard cat chattering, something I haven’t heard Andy do, but Dougy does for any prey he sees and can’t get. 179 more words

'Head Butts' Most Consistently Popular Post

Hands down, my most read blog post over the long haul is Cat Head Butts Are About Trust, Not Food. This title shows up EVERY week in my stats. 294 more words

Loving My Cat