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The Truth about Beautiful People: Beauty Bashing is a Real Thing

I’m not really one for poetry, but there has been something on my mind for the past few weeks that I would like to address. It’s about me and my appearance, and I think now is the perfect time for me to tell you all why I should not be judged for who I am. 848 more words

An open letter to the men of Boston

Dear Men of Boston -
For the most part, I don’ t have a problem with you. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we pass by each other on the streets, smile, nod our heads in acknowledgment and move on. 378 more words


In regards to cat calling

Friend: When guys cat call me, my first impulse is to throw up the middle finger. But then I think, that’s just what they want. So I started confronting them with my humanity.

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Hot outside

Friend: Street harassment told me not to wear shorts. The thermometer told me screw them.

Dialogue Scraps

We Finally Found A White Cat-Caller

Today, Jezebel ran a story about a woman that’s going around with a camera confronting catcallers; explaining to them why it’s inappropriate to comment on a woman’s appearance in public and shaming them for doing so. 551 more words

Don’t be that guy, because nobody likes that guy

By Rene Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

Most women that walk around the city by themselves tend to get cat-calls from men, and most of these women just deal with it because they have been conditioned to think that this behavior is tolerable, and that dealing with it is just part of their daily routine and lives, but that does not have to be the case— not anymore. 890 more words

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Feminism, The Really Funny Video I Wanted To Make, And Why It's Not Happening

My sister calls me a “raging feminist”. I tell her repeatedly I’m just your average equality-desiring female, but she won’t listen. The bottom line is, all I want is to feel like a different-but-equal human being when relating with men, and if that makes me a raging feminist then so be it. 1,318 more words

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