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Fluff up your feathers, there are tigers in the forest

There is a code among women, something all mothers tell their daughters. A fear without remedy that have been handed down to only girls throughout the generations. 1,950 more words

Three Friends on the Street

I feel unsafe in America when…

I’m walking to the subway with my roommates when a man yells out, “Hey Angels. My name is Charlie.”

Male attention

So I got to thinking the other day (dangerous I know) about my reaction to male attention. About 90% of the male attention that I have gotten over the years has been that of the cat calling, male chauvinist, misoginistic  type and yet when it happened something in my mind said;”wow, that guy likes you!” , “you’re attractive to someone!” and similar things. 397 more words

Cat Calling

Black Platform Boots on the Sidewalk

I feel unsafe in america when…

I won’t wear my favorite boots to work because the last time I did, I was catcalled my entire walk home.

Sometimes it is all women.

Dear ether, 

I’ve read a lot of ‘yes all women’ stories and i always think how grateful i am that i haven’t experienced anything of that nature. 550 more words

Constructed Identities

Aside from the frequently missing but very obvious demarcation between sex and gender, I often feel that the understanding that gender is a social construct… 640 more words


Cat-Calling: A Refusal to Cower

Walking closer to the corner of 14th and 5th, the whistles began. I had spotted the group of guys when I was further down the sidewalk, but deemed it unnecessary to switch sides. 507 more words