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So, I was walking along the street the other day, and saw these young-ish guys leaning out a car window leering at pretty much every girl that walked past; regardless of what she was wearing, what she looked like, and whether she was paying them attention or not. 246 more words

Change Is Needed: No Means No

I believe the vast majority of us can agree that with regard to any aspect of life, and in particular sexual encounters, when the word ‘no’ is uttered a line must be drawn, encounters must cease. 142 more words


shake that ass, baby: men, you're better than street harassers

You are walking a few minutes from your home with your friend. The silence turns into heavy stomps and deep laughter behind you. Your friend reaches for your hair, pulling it out of its ponytail, and tucks it into your cardigan. 463 more words


The day I missed an opportunity.

I do not like the warmer weather. England is not a place that ought to be hot. It’s like a sun trap in this city, with the sun rays being trapped in between slabs of concrete on the pavement and the concrete of the buildings. 411 more words


I Felt Publicly Demeaned And Objectified Today

This is by no means a novel topic or something that hasn’t been written about so eloquently by generations of women before me. However, after feeling publicly demeaned and objectified in front of students and staff at the high school I work at by a random man this morning, I am so upset and embarrassed. 331 more words