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Sailing the Open Sea Pt. 2

Earlier this week, I shared about a recent sailing trip with Tristan’s parents. I had to lay the foundation by sharing all of the outfit research I conducted in advance, so that I could be ready to go sailing at a moment’s notice. 257 more words


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Cat Eyes

Teal & Gold Eyes : Tutorial

This isn’t the look I had in mind, but overall I’m quite satisfied how it came out. I wasn’t too sure what to call it either so Teal and Gold it is. 270 more words


AF Daily Devotional | Cat Eyes

For Sep 13, 2014

AN AMAZING FACT:  Cats are nocturnal animals and have a need to see well at night. Cats need only one-sixth of the light needed by people to see when it’s dark. 433 more words


Instant Night Vision

Who Knew Science Could Do This?

Well maybe not, but it sure does look like it.  Ron Douglas made a discovery in the 1990’s.  He discovered dragonfish see red light. 214 more words

Who Knew

Farm Cat

The kids nicknamed this mother cat JDBBQ (Jack Daniels Bar-B-Q), after their favorite bar-b-q sauce. I called her to me by saying minou, minou, minou, which is french for kitty, kitty, kitty and less of a mouthful than repeating JDBBQ over and over again.


Sunday Sunset Eyes

Since my last post seemed to be liked by so many, I thought I’d do a similar look for everyone today. I hope you guys enjoy and let’s get to it! 215 more words