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Today's Look (cat eyes and cat ears)!

So taking pictures of yourself in a mirror is a lot harder than I thought…I kept cutting my forehead off.
Anyway, I love this cat ear headband because it’s more of a tiara and costume piece hybrid, making it appropriate for everyday wear, but at the same time a little bit on the “weird” side. 44 more words

Extended Wing Eyeliner

I haven’t been making many “look of the day” posts because my makeup has been way too consistent lately. You could call it a rut sinceĀ I’ve been doing the same sorts of things over and over, except that I’m happy with it and “rut” has kind of a negative connotation. 82 more words

Dramatic Makeup

Sushi socks

Ooo, so original.

despite not being well done, it was fun. (I’ll try rinrin’s eyes next :p)

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Lazy Cat

She hasn’t moved from this spot almost all day.