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Probiotics for Pets, Is it a Necessity

Oftentimes people are appalled with the thought of bacteria. Bacteria are usually correlated with words such as harmful, infectious, and virulent. Although bacteria present such a negative image, it also has a positive side to it. 503 more words

Cat Food in My Kool-Aid

Sometimes kids do bad ass shit that you cannot explain. For some reason, for me, there’s nothing like a cool glass of Kool-Aid. I go into the kitchen and grab the pitcher. 116 more words


Introducing Martha and Prudence

So.  OK.  We’re going to do this.  These cats are going to go raw.  It’s in their best interests after all…..  Let me stick my neck out here and now and say that I think it will be an easier job with Prudence than with Martha.   366 more words

Cat Food

Cat Dreams – Felix Crunchy Crumbles Machine

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your cats actually dream about? What on earth goes on in their minds….It might be a new soft bed to sleep in, a feline companion, a field with unlimited supply of mice or maybe something much more elaborate, something just like the Crunchy Crumbles Machine, a very complicated and rather clever contraption that has the dream job of serving new Felix Sensational cat food all day long! 325 more words

Bark Time

Busy Saturday

Per the norm, today was errand day.  I woke up bright and early.  Then wondered what the hell I was thinking and went back to bed LOL.   767 more words

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Upcoming Events at Angel's Pet World in Hudson, WI

October 21st, 2014 – “ASK THE TRAINER”

On October 21st, 2014 Crystal Clear Canine Training will be hosting a free dog training seminar. Crystal will be here to listen and answer any questions you may have. 232 more words

Angels Pet World

Is homemade dog food healthier for your dog?

For many years commercial brand dog food has been very popular with pet owners due to a number of reasons and one of them being is that it’s a ready made meal which you can feed your dog and save time preparing… 295 more words

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