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Cats helping out - Cooking

We have a rule in our house – cats are not allowed on the food preparation bench.

We have a guideline in our house. Cats are not supposed to be on the food preparation bench. 57 more words

Exclusive video! Patch at 3 months old

We laughed for weeks… until she stopped making that sound :(

Essential Pets: Wet Food

The best way to find the perfect wet-food…. First, go to your doctor to see if your kitten or cat is missing any essentials. If they are, ask the vet what type of cat food has a lot of the essentials that your cat is missing. 100 more words

Hungry Henry

Henry is one hungry and messy moggie :-) purrrrr


A cat's dinner

Chef: “Bonsoir Monsieur, a table for one?”

Cat approaches food bowls and sniffs suspiciously

Chef: “Perhaps Monsieur would like to try the tasting menu this evening? 156 more words


Going Organic: Red Barn Cat Food

Dieting and going au naturale have gotten into Mommy’s head recently. She got this lean mean machine and joined the juicing wagon!

Dont like the thing’s sound, but everything was fine until she came home one day and fed me this: 63 more words

daily prompt: seat guru


So sorry to say but my cats are somewhat lacking in table manners. Therefore, even though I use place cards, the seating still gets a little jumbled from time to time. 94 more words

Daily Prompt