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What's a cat food factory got to do with it? On research and novel writing and a sample of How Sweet the Sound

I must’ve switched majors at least twenty times when I was in college.

I wish I was exaggerating for my poor parents’ sake, but I just couldn’t settle on one subject. 747 more words


Cat Photo Series #11: Cats On A Hot Jeep Roof (The Grand Heist)

photo courtesy of Rebecca Scarberry  @Scarberryfields

As we join our furry feline friends

I wonder what is taking place here?

Hmm, seems they’re planning a heist… 104 more words

Meal Time

Meal time for our cats has become very predictable in our house. They all become very excited when I walk in the kitchen. Puck jumps on the counter along with Chris or Frankie until I take the can out and then whoever is on the counter with Puck jumps down but Puck remains and starts eating as soon as I put the food in the nearest bowl. 299 more words

Cats helping out - Cooking

We have a rule in our house – cats are not allowed on the food preparation bench.

We have a guideline in our house. Cats are not supposed to be on the food preparation bench. 57 more words

Exclusive video! Patch at 3 months old

We laughed for weeks… until she stopped making that sound¬†:(

Essential Pets: Wet Food

The best way to find the perfect wet-food…. First, go to your doctor to see if your kitten or cat is missing any essentials. If they are, ask the vet what type of cat food has a lot of the essentials that your cat is missing. 100 more words

Hungry Henry

Henry is one hungry and messy moggie :-) purrrrr