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Friday Fitspiration

(Via Shawn Johnson.)

“Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to; it’s not for them.”

#Beastmode activated, thanks to the ever-inspirational Miss Johnson. ;)


Howard T. Duck

(Via deviantART.)

“Alright, people—and I use the word derogatarily—we can do this the wrong way or my way!” —Howard T. Duck


Lego Pitfall

(Via Killer Kitsch.)

From a long-ago and far-away place whence Minecraftian creations were assembled by the laying of hands onto square-shaped, interlocking plastic bricks sometimes augmented by Lincoln Logs. ;)


Epic CVS

I stopped in at the most epic CVS drug store ever to pick up some motion sickness pills, and was treated to an odd mix of fluorescent lighting, art deco, and Phil Collins music playing over the PA. 15 more words


Princess Thor

(Via Eric Ravenscraft.)

This looks like a job for Captain Jamie Kirk—ie, “if it exists, it can be cosplayed.”