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The Cat And The Meals On Wheels

A cat died and went to heaven.

St. Peter said to the cat, Is there anything I can do to make your stay here better? The cat said, I’ve been sleeping on a cold floor and I’d love a warm pillow to sleep on. 82 more words

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I Look to You

Title: I Look to You
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original Size: 18 x 24″
Year: 2014

Artist’s Statement / Inspiration:

Animal Behavioral Scientists disagree on how cats feel about their caregivers and what role they perceive humans play in their lives; however if you have a bond with a cat, there is no denying the love and connection you both share. 20 more words

Animal Art

The Power of Petting

Title: The Power of Petting
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original Size: 16 x 20″
Year: 2014

Artist’s Statement / Inspiration:

Cats are amazing, mysterious creatures that actually have healing powers! 82 more words

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Nice to Meet You

Title: Nice to Meet You
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original Size: 9 x 12″
Year: 2014 11 more words
Animal Art

Born To Be Wild

When people said that Jenny lived on her own, that was not strictly accurate. It was true, she didn’t share her house or her life with other people, but she was never lonely, she had her cats.

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A Tribute to Fat Cat and all the cat angels out there..

I first met Fat Cat 2 years ago when we were last in Singapore. A chunky stray ginger tom cat, he lived at the void deck of my family’s apartment block and always had a skinny black cat-girlfriend hovering around him. 689 more words


First sight of Love....Cat Love

As I have always followed the advice as a professional photographer never publish your own cats pictures, that’s not professional. Well here I am to break the rules.  255 more words