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Caturday Crazies

Happy Caturday, Dudes!

In case you KATS and humans haven’t yet made plans fur your Caturday, take some hints from my relatives- whatever you do, have a PAWSOME CATURDAY!


Surviving the Crummy Times

Sometimes the Crohn’s gets me super down. I am usually fine with my diagnosis, except when it seems I’ve been in pain more days than not. 329 more words


Thursday Therapy

I don’t know about you humans, but it’s been a long week fur me-

With the human NOT letting me sleep on her books, NOT letting me shred the wrapping paper on her gifts, clipping my flippin claws, wiping my eyes, threatening to give me a BATH, NOT letting me shred the couch, and on top of that- running out of treats, AND THE CREATURE being here every day- I’m telling you, I’ve got ONE NERVE LEFT AND SHE’S ON IT! 26 more words


Just Sayin'...

🐭Photos courtesy of Pinterest🐭


Tubster Tuesday

Greetings half-asleep humans…

We survived MONDAY!!

And now it’s time fur another edition of Tubster Tuesday- so get your bunny slippers, let the dog out (PLEASE)!- and fill up your coffee mug! 28 more words


Caturday crazies

It’s Caturday!

Time to do all those fun kat things like sleeping, chasing birds, catching bugs, knocking down expensive trinkets and porcelain figurines- climbing the Christmas tree, and sleeping! 10 more words


Tubster Tuesday

Once again, it’s time to remember not only my furiend Tubster, who is no longer with us- but also those special ginger kats that others have loved and lost. 35 more words