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Wednesday Career KATS

Happy Wednesday, Dudes! Check out some of my furiends and their new careers!


Bruce couldn’t lay off the milk in his last job as a taste tester- so he became a butler instead. 85 more words


Tubster Tuesday

Greetings fuzzballs, furiends and fleabags!

In memory of my departed furiend, Tubster, I PURRsent more of the joy of gingers!

Tubster was full of PURRsonality, cattitude, and love. 55 more words


The Kat's the boss...

Greetings humans, fluffballs and fleabags.

In case you haven’t woke up enough to realize it yet, it’s Monday again. You’re welcome.

Also, just a timely reminder of who the BOSS actually is in the house- in case you furgot!


And Now...CATS IN HATS!! More Cat Memes

Yes, it’s Caturday, and today’s installment of “Craig’s ridiculous cat pics” is Cats Wearing Hats. Can you stand the adorablosity? Probably not. You might need someone to clean up your brains after they explode. 198 more words


Stuck in a rut? | #thefridayfive

Another week bites the dust.

I’ve been stuck in a bit of rut lately, so as a bit of a pick-me-up I have made plans with some of my closest girlfriends this weekend – drinks, takeaway, Christmas market, movie night – … 85 more words

The Friday Five