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Tubster Tuesday

Once again in memory of my furiend, Tubster- I PURRsent Tubster Tuesday!

Time to honor those ginger buckets of fur and love…

During one of those “birds and the bees” teaching sessions… 113 more words


Monday KATS

Greetings humans- It’s Monday again, and time to remind you all that life is still worth living EVEN THOUGH those infernal MONDAYS keep coming back! 90 more words


All is vanity......

We KATS know beauty when we see it- especially when we find it in random, unexpected places- like fur example, in a mirror…..

Or, when we see it on our human’s smartphone….


Caturday Crazies

Some pictures need no explanation- and these are no exception. Check out some of my most popular relatives;


Friday kat funnies

It’s FURIDAY Felines, Folks, and Fleabags!



Things to remember about us kats

We value our privacy- but yours? Not so much…

No matter where you go- WE WILL FIND YOU…

We love high fashion too…

We are the MOST IMPORTANT THING on your “to do list.” 32 more words


Tubster Tuesday

Its “Tubster Tuesday!”

In honor (and in memory) of my furiend, Tubster;

Today’s post is about ginger kats … Those Pawsome buckets of love and PURRsonality that steal the hearts (and food, and couches, and beds) of every human they come into contact with. 115 more words

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