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My Top Ten Space Cat Memes

I’m a silly person, and I’m easily amused. Few things amuse me more than memes of cats flying through space. They’re the blacklight posters of the Internet Age. 347 more words


Caturday Crazies!

Well, it’s finally Caturday, and time to PARTY! So KATS UNITE!

Tear open the nip, knock the trinkets off the shelves, stretch out on the keyboards (extra points if you can spill coffee at the same time)- scratch up the new couch, bury the humans’ car keys in the backyard, and then curl up and look sleepy when the Humans come in and wonder what happened! 10 more words


Beware of kat

I’m always amused when I’m stalking around the neighborhood and see signs on gate posts that say “Beware of dog.”

Most of the time the dog is a tiny chihuahua with an attitude the size of Texas who barks ferociously but would run at the sight of a flea. 57 more words


Monday fur humans vs Monday fur kats

Humans dread Mondays because it’s back to the grindstone fur them.

I mean, think about it- they have to draaaaaaag themselves out of bed ready or not, and jump in the shower half asleep (which explains a lot of the loud noises I’ve been hearing lately)- while the kat is still sprawled out on the bed snoring and drooling on the pillow after playing all night. 153 more words


Kat Friday Funnies

Its finally FURiday!

Get ready to smile with your morning coffee, tea, cream- or nip, because you’re about to be visited by the best things on four legs!

Have a PAWSOME Weekend!


Thursday Therapy

Great news fur all you overworked, stressed out humans- it’s ALMOST FURiday!!

Hopefully these cousins of mine will give you a reason to smile and dig your claws in fur one more day! 19 more words


Lampshade of the week - feline edition!

As I’m sure anybody who uses the internet will know, cats are a pretty big deal. I read a quote the other day (not sure where or what the exact quote was!!) that went something along the lines of the internet being a lot like ancient Egypt… people write on walls and worship cats. 124 more words