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Kat Friday Funnies

Here’s a little something to help you end your week with a smile…. Enjoy! *(purrs)*

                       “Got milk?”

          ✦ photos from Pinterest ✦


Insomni-Cats 3

Captions are original. Photos are not.

Gina Quinn Medicine Woman + acute insomnia = cute Insomni-Cats!


Insomni-Cats 2

Captions are original. Photos are not.

I love to play around with meme-making software, during my frequent bouts with insomnia, including Mematic and Kabaam, from the AppStore.


The Grief of Posting To Buzzfeed. - A Bunch Of Drunk Teens.

It was a terrible day. No, not because I had to study for 4 exams, or because a storm wouldn’t let me sleep till 6am, but because I decided to post to BuzzFeed. 430 more words