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What a dog and cat think

A dog thinks: My owners provide me shelter, food, love, toys and water so they are God. 

A cat thinks: My owners provide me shelter, food, love, toys and water so I am God.


I Have Become...One of *Those* Cat Owners

I thought “Ah, yes. I have no plans for the afternoon. Perhaps I shall take some of this time to curate my blog.” (That’s how I Think of it, in my head. 178 more words


Product Review: SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy Box

The more I got to know Misha, the more I realized how smart and curious she was. If something had an opening or a hole, she wanted to put her paw in it, figure out how it works, etc. 346 more words

Two Years, Turkish

A lot can happen in two years. I’ll just confess right now I was not even remotely thinking of blogging about any of it. Sanity seemed a bit more precious. 274 more words

Random Observations