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Another Sho Ko to celebrate Friday with -

A day in the life of every cat owner is the title (but don’t the cats own you? lol)

Men Who Own Cats Are Better Lovers

Please. Stop it. I can hear the “pussy” jokes already.

Men who own a cat — and I don’t mean the male equivalent to the crazy cat lady, that is a whole different animal — but simply one (maybe two)- cat man, are better lovers. 655 more words

A Dickens of a Cat and Other Stories of the Cats We Love

From Margaret Mezzacapo

A Dickens of a Cat and Other Stories of the Cats We Love by Callie Smith Grant

This book is a series of cute short stories about people and cats – how the cats needed people’s care, and how some of the cats saved their people. 35 more words


Cat Sitting

On three occasions I was tasked to cat sit, usually for one week. Here are my observations:

All three cats were quirky and independent, and exhibited some of the same cat-like behaviors. 318 more words


Cold Weather Safety Tips for Cat Owners

Throughout his career as a veterinarian, Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince has provided preventive care for countless small companion animals. During the cold winter months, animal care specialists such as Dr. 123 more words

Joel Todd Leroy Prince

homemade cat litter ant cat indoor play ground

Heloo to all cat owners and DIY – friends.

we have adopted not long ago a cat and have another one. They are quiet active, run, jump, play, chew, scratch. 50 more words

Being bitten by a cat causellates depression

Consider this a test post. Testing internet access from here (Hong Kong Airport- yay for free WiFi), WordPress access from here, and your nerves from everywhere. 311 more words