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Feline Friday: The Humans Return Again

Ember is always excited to see us whether we’ve been gone for ten days or have just gotten out of the bathroom. Inkblot was always a bit less demonstrative… until last Tuesday. 455 more words


Getting off the couch and starting is more than half the work.

So this WordPress blog is my attempt at learning WordPress as well as documenting the other things I am trying to learn. It doesn’t help if I don’t keep posting, so here is my second post, with more to follow regularly. 409 more words

[placeholder] #caturday

Until I figure out a suitable theme for Saturday, you’ll be seeing an placeholder image of Cat or Cats. Yes, it’s #caturday!

P.S: If cats are popular enough, #caturday might stick around for a while. 11 more words

Feline Friday: Guard Cat!

As I’ve mentioned before, Ember is a talker. No one can sneak around our house. No one.

“Hi, Mommy!” Even at two in the morning, Ember wanted to be the perkiest cat in the household. 323 more words


Bad cat day (while trying to clean)

This cat is available for sale to the highest bidder.   Any bidder at all…you just name a price and she’s yours!

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Feline Friday: Spa Day!

Both Inkblot and Ember are getting on in years, but Inky has always been the crotchety kitty of the house. I try to remember to clip their claws on a regular basis, but sometimes I forget… until I hear Inky sticking to the carpet. 320 more words