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the cat balances
ruling the world
on a bannister


Feline Friday: The Return of the Humans

My husband and I both travel for work. Occasionally we are gone at the same time. Or, as happened this week – he left, I left, he came back, I came back, he left. 381 more words


Do You Hunt Indoors?: Friday Frolics


Yep, that’s right…I am talking about hunting indoors for all my feline furriends who live indoors just as The Kid Sage and I.   126 more words

Savannah's Life Experiences

Loving Being Loved: Thursday Purrsday


So truth be told…”I” Savannah and The Kid Sage may just be (not yet confirmed) relatively spoilt adult rescue cats…just a thought…no conclusions as yet. 309 more words

Savannah's Life Experiences

The Generosity of Others: Monday Meowsie News


I have a couple of newsie items I have been holding onto until ‘the‘ right time to share them with you.   610 more words

Savannah's Life Experiences

Feline Friday: The Bag of Doom

Feline Friday – a weekly peek into the lives of my very spoiled cats. Inkblot has a bit of a reputation at the vet. When I call to make an appointment for her the response is always … “Ohhhh… Inkblot…” There used to be a sticker of a kitten on the exam room wall, level with the exam table. 443 more words


Do You See Feline Manipulation?: Friday Frolics

Oh!! Hello All!!!  The Kid Sage Here

HRH Savannah said I can have the blog post today…not sure why…I think she may be starting to kind’a accept me as a roomie…ya’ think? 148 more words

Adult Cat Rescue