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Bohiskar - Prothom Drishyo

Facebook a dindin utkot status-er upodrob berei cholechhe -

  1. Rituparna Sen is feeling alone- as my fourth cat is also missing.
  2. jwarjwar lagchhe, ki osudh khabo?
  3. 243 more words

Nanowrimo and the naked cat

So, I am mere days away from the official end of Nanowrimo.  I say “official” because I will likely be done today, and a dear friend and I have decided to continue the breakneck pace until we are finished a first draft. 201 more words


Spread the Word!

A feel good Christmas stocking filler – a children’s book with a mission to unite a first time granny with her grandchild!

Inspired by the birth of of her first grandchild and the need to find the necessary funds to travel a long, long way to get to holding her grandchild and hugging her brave little mom, this granny set out to write and illustrate a children’s book about her little cat called Pooky and her journey from being a mountain cat to becoming a sailor cat living on a yacht. 251 more words

Book Updates

A gift to my readers

Every author needs a break or two from the great projects they hope to write.  This is mine.  While I was in Bath, I took the opportunity to pen down three pages.   1,952 more words


Nano enters its second week

19,727..  39% of the way done, at 30% through the month.

Whew!  Going good, so far.

It’ll be fun trying to tie it all together at the end, it’s spawning subplots and minor characters like… a lot of… spawning things.. 148 more words


We've turned the corner!!

In the Very, Very Beginning, Book 1 of the Cat under Sail series is officially, as of today, for sale from an Amazon store near you! 149 more words

Book Updates

Free book for Halloween!

My friend Jamieson Wolf, a prolific writer in several genres, has decided to offer this scary story about a shopping mall (I know, right?)  for FREE this Halloween. 350 more words