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Elissa's Essentials ( Cat Fancies)

Elissa’s Essentials

Last night I found a note from Elissa in my letter box. The envelope was linen parchment paper, embossed with an E and an image of a pink flamingo on the back. 927 more words


A Hundred Cats Named "Mimi"

This is a brief tale about a cat lady. MILK and Whiskey’s Japanese step grandmother, Grandma Yoshi, to be exact. Grandma Yoshi was not just a crazy cat lady in the traditional sense, she was also crazy in a non-traditional sense. 486 more words


Emphysema and Bastard

Emphysema and Bastard

Her name is Emphysema. She wears glasses. Her hair is long and she keeps it in cornrows. She rarely smiles, the neutral state of her lips is a smirk. 563 more words


Wow, that was fast.... and confusing

I guess I had better write an actual post, since I got 7 followers while my blog was still marked “hidden”.  funny, I thought that meant unsearchable, or hidden from everyone.  313 more words


Gratitude 3Oct14 Damn, Cat

I heard a thumping outside my door. Thinking it was my neighbor across the hall, I didn’t pay much attention. Then I heard a loud “Meow” followed by what sounded like something ramming my door. 432 more words

Life didn't go as planned. But that's okay.

Many of us strive to have a perfect life, a perfect career, a perfect family and a perfect home. But sometimes, life just doesn’t go as planned. 156 more words