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Fools and Drama Queens, As Wrong About Gotham as They Are About Selina...

Those not expecting to buy a bridge in Gotham tonight are invited to peruse a Catwoman origin worthy of the character and meet a Selina Kyle with the class and background to make her Batman and Bruce Wayne’s equal. 143 more words


Because humans seem to require still more proof

This headline caught my eye a few days ago:

Cat escapes from burning, collapsing Manitoba hotel

There she is, very calm and collected, calculating just the right moment and all the exact manoeuvres to escape safely. 22 more words

The World According To Coco

Oh, for the love of . . .

The other day, I went online and began searching for the latest pet trends. As official curator at Just Curious, I do that sometimes. 

Anyway, the first interesting thing I found was a litter box disguised as a potted plant. 229 more words

The World According To Coco

’Cat Tales: One Hungry College Student at a Time

By Quinn Western, social media and photography intern

A Mission to Satisfy Hungry College Students By Saving Time

Lunch is now just a few taps away. 321 more words

'Cat Tales

Whistle while you work

A few friends who follow my blog religiously contacted me after last week’s instalment. Apparently, the photo of the dish-washing feline really stirred up some conversation in the cat community about our notorious penchant for washing things, particularly windows. 172 more words

The World According To Coco

Happy days are here again

Labour Day comes and goes, and all the cats I know are thinking the same thing. . .

. . . Are they gone yet? … 37 more words

The World According To Coco

Deep into That Darkness Peering

The new chapter is here. 

Spontaneous Generation 5:  Deep into That Darkness Peering on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror Cat-Tales.mobi.

Sweet dreams.