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Cat-astrophe Averted...

I’m sitting on the brown loveseat under the double windows, pen in hand, listening to the persistent scratch-scratch of The Beast’s back leg against her neck. 551 more words

Short Story

Cats for World Peace

While at my yoga class the other day, I had a rather Zen moment.

It appears as though our Prime Minister didn’t make any new friends at the G20 last week, and who knows what the UN is doing these days.  145 more words

The World According To Coco

’Cat Tales: Students Practice Sustainability, Diversity, and Community Involvement

By Quinn Western, social media and photography intern

Sustainability on the Wall

The rock wall at the WREC has some new kicks, and no, I’m not referring to the new climbers. 334 more words

'Cat Tales

It's getting to be that time of year again

Are you wondering what to give that special human for Christmas?  Look no further. 

For those of you who do not believe it is possible to gift wrap a cat, simply click on this photo to watch a short holiday film that is both educational and entertaining. 12 more words

The World According To Coco

Cat Owners' Manual, Chapter One

How to Catch a Cat 

1. Place an empty box on the floor.

2. Wait.

Next week, train your cat to come to you using only your psychic powers. 9 more words

The World According To Coco

Happy 'Hug a Black Cat' Day, everyone!

Did you know that black cats and kittens are less likely to find a new home than other felines?  It’s true — maybe one of those crazy old wives’ tales is to blame.  144 more words

The World According To Coco