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Catnip . . . just say no

Top 10 reasons why humans should never, EVER give catnip to their felines: 

10. First, we get the munchies in very un-pretty ways, and completely lose our ability to monitor consumption. 224 more words

The World According To Coco

Batman's Day Eve

This is probably a good time to mention that if you take Ra’s al Ghul as seriously as he takes himself, Cat-Tales is not for you. 80 more words


Happy Batman Day Minus-Two

As the march to Batman Day continues, so does the epic confusion about holding up signs on the Internet. You’re up, Harvey.

But, but…  Oh why do I even bother.


Batman Day - Minus 4

Batman Day is almost here, and… Uh boy.  Well, we at Cat-Tales had what we thought was a nifty idea getting our little stable of Rogues together to send a congratulatory message celebrating 75 years of the Bat they love to hate.  95 more words


On a date with Playboy Bruce

Let’s be honest, Poison Ivy’s transformation and her rather horrifying new power aren’t the main attraction in this tale.  You’re all waiting for “The Last Bimbo Hurrah.”  Wait no more, you’ll tag along with Bruce Wayne, the Billionaire Playboy Fop on a date with the Jetset Twins from Norway at the most hedonistic happening/interactive theatre piece in Gotham memory: Queen of the Night. 18 more words


Things are never as simple as they seem

My human is going away ‘on business’.

I know what this means — a shortage of fresh food and water; lack of proper supervision (i.e., no treats); and, depending on duration of said trip, a cat-sitter (not a popular term in the cat community, by the way) or, worse, transfer by cage and/or vehicle to a loathsome detention camp. 535 more words

The World According To Coco