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It's a purrfect world

Toni, a frequent reader of my blog, recently remarked that I have some unique relatives. That’s true. I also have some unique — and fortunate — friends. 262 more words

The World According To Coco


No matter how domesticated cats become, animal instinct will always be there in them. They will still crave for a taste of fresh meat and the surge of adrenaline in their veins. 77 more words

Photograph By Tin

'Tis the season

This past week, I received a Catmas card from my favorite cousin, Lulu. (The family resemblance is undeniable, n’est-ce pas?)

Don’t quote me on this but I believe those little dancing balls of light are code for “Wow, am I drunk.” (Again, the family resemblance.) … 148 more words

The World According To Coco

Santa Claws - The Christmas Tree Mission

The bipeds decided to put up the Christmas decorations at the weekend. Pippin found himself a comfortable spot for a nap as soon as he saw the bipeds getting boxes out. 421 more words

Great Pyrenees

The farce awakens

My friends Luke and Leia are celebrating this week. Can you guess why?

That’s right — the latest iteration of Star Wars is almost here. … 91 more words

The World According To Coco

It's Vivian's

Her Auntie Annie brought home a lifeless baby bird. Vivian, our 4-month old kitten, said, “Mine!”.

Photograph By Tin

What's on my Christmas wish list this year

As one who enjoys her creature comforts, I place a very high value on cat naps. And sleeping. And nap time.

And while I don’t often succumb to envy, when my distant cousin Ming sent me this picture of herself the other day, I admit that I felt a slight twinge of jealousy. 119 more words

The World According To Coco