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The Benefits of Making Your Own Cat Toys

Your wallet, your mind and Mother Earth will thank you.

I have fallen into the trap at the pet store. Entering the store stoically with one thing on my mind: to buy cat litter. 209 more words

Cat Toy

Pair mug cups😃

Hi everyone!
For today, a quick sketch of pair mug that I bought it before😃 I love the shape and size of them😃
And here is Malus, playing with his toy!!!


Toilet Paper Roll Trifecta

It may seem odd to us to literally forage for our food, like climbing a ladder to get a slice of key lime pie or walking a tight rope to get our hands on a greasy bag of fries, but for our furry loved ones (and I’m not talking about Uncle Marvin), it is good for them to go on a “hunt” or to at least imitate one so they don’t get too complacent and to sharpen those instincts, especially if your cat is indoor-only. 95 more words

Cat Toy

Give Them a New Toy and See What Happens

In the end, none of them went in.  It seems they had a conference, and decided not to venture into the tunnel.  So, it’s on the floor in the patio, awaiting the first cat to play explorer.  98 more words

Pussy Cats

Weekend at G-Ma’s Part 2: The Best Cat Toy for Dogs and Babies

If you don’t remember or never read Weekend at G-Ma’s Part 1, we started our second day at G-Ma’s with this…

Sharing a room with your baby is rarely, if ever, an enjoyable experience, and Avery made sure to keep reminding us. 758 more words


What Can I Do With Muslin Scraps?

When I made the pants muslin for the Silhouette Patterns One-Day Seminar in Denver, I actually made two of them! I chose the wrong size initially, using my hip measurement, not my sitting hip measurement. 389 more words

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