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50 Thoughts You Have During a Quarter-Life Crisis


  1. How many years until I can retire?
  2. Another person just got engaged, are you freaking serious?
  3. You’re right; I have nothing better to do than make those copies for you ASAP.
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Celebrate National Poetry Month @ Your Library! 


The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches…
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Stupid cat

People who are close to me will know that I’m extremely terrified of cats 

Actually, I’m scared of animals with fur. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs etc  449 more words

Shameless cat criminal steals pants

I’m sometimes (er… often!) accused of being biased for cats. So let me counteract this  impression and let me introduce the dark side of felines.  Denis, the Menace is a cat criminal who steals socks, sandals, Barbie dolls and even thongs! 74 more words


Some Stuff.

Here’s, a fast update on my Costco/Kroger budget attemtps. You may remember my goal was $200 monthly at Costco, and $50 weekly at Kroger. Well the Costco trips have been more like $278, and the Kroger has been more like $64 (in one recent case it was $96, but we’ll blame that on needing cat litter and dog food). 521 more words


It's CAT-HER-IN-E (Or, Why I Go By 'Cat')

My name is really hard for young people to pronounce. Very few can master it before kindergarten, and no has mastered it as a toddler. … 468 more words



Grumpy Christmas Cat – http://ifunny.mobi/i/XCrPfwWd