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Schedules and Blind Cats

Blind cats and schedules are important.  Schedules allow blind cats to feel calm and relax. 
Hemingway,  Muezza and Oreo require a schedule.

They now expect the food to fill their bowls at 5:30 every morning along with water change twice a day. 260 more words

Blind Cat

My kid sister is bringing back my favorite childhood toy— red...

My kid sister is bringing back my favorite childhood toy— red kitty! I get kitty today!! :3

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Hospital, family sickness and crazy cuddly cat's!

On Monday I was supposed to got to work but I got so sick I had to stay home.
Then I got worse. I was dizzy, my head was spinning and I was having flashes, and thing’s floating around my vision. 318 more words


My Cat and a Frog

“Hey E, why is there a dead frog in here?” my roommate called from the kitchen.

What?” Baffled, I peeled myself off the couch and came to stand by my roommate’s side. 245 more words

Short Stories

Shark Cat Edition

I have a new favorite YouTube Channel: TexasGirly1979. This video, she has dressed her cat in a great white shark costume, set him on a Roomba and turned a baby duck loose. 48 more words

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