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Sylvester's cat

This was a difficult one. The prompt is based on a scene from the book that the tipsy lit book club (including me) is reading this month. 547 more words

Using Prompts

Book Worm

Greetings one & all
It’s upcoming holiday weekend throughout much of the world and thoughts of many will be turning to having a break & some relaxation from the normal daily grind.

Irish Man In The Middle East

Black Cat and Full Moon Necklace Handmade Art Pendant

“Black Cat and Full Moon” A black cat gazes at the luminous full moon. Moss hangs on the tree branches. The palette is in earthy muted tones of beige, lavender, green and rust. 84 more words

It's Cat and Dog!

This is more of like a confession blog really….

Anyway, just felt like writing what’s been on mind for the last couple of months. So, there’s this guy and I really like him….but the thing is I’m not the only one who does..a lot of girls do but i like him in a different way. 1,161 more words


"Play with me"

The tabby keeps coming into my house to eat and sleep. Elliott always tries to play with him, but all he wants is to have a rest. 21 more words