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Nezzy Lebaran #3

I’ve been missing for a few days now let me pay back my absence. My Lebaran story. It’s a compilation throughout Lebaran day 1 to 4 in one post. 491 more words


Meet the Rectangular Cat

Meet mister Kat. No, he’s not a pillow. Not a kite either. He’s the rectangular cat.

Wait till he becomes famous.

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The wisdom of cats...

Night had well and truly fallen as Evan arrived home from work. Pulling his exhausted body from the car, he shivered slightly as he locked it and tossed his keys in his pocket. 349 more words


Guy's Kitten Video Of The Day: Cat Demands Kisses

This cat loves to charm his owner for a kiss.

When this cat cocks his head with a twinkle in his eye, his owner turns to mush and gives in to his demand for another kiss.


The God's Wolfling: Final Snippet

Here it is, folks, the last snippet on the blog.. but you can buy the book now! (ebook release is officially tomorrow). Happy reading, and be sure to leave a review. 1,192 more words