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Play Date

I love this picture with the eyes and zany whiskers and big paw.

Rhea is ready to pounce!

…and again! 49 more words


Still Better Than The Other Way Around

It’s a pleasant evening. Think
I’ll wash the kitty in the sink.
That oughta liven up the night.
Yep, I was — Pass the Band-Aids? — right.


Storm, Stillness, and Sunset - September 2, 2014

What an amazing afternoon! It’s always fun to see the storm roll in. Here are some images taken in order this afternoon from about 5 to 8pm in Everett. 24 more words


Loving my new "toy"

With all the toys Mummy has bought me that I now mostly don’t play with anymore…this is what I am having fun with.

A gold foil wire tie from the loaf of bread packaging… 91 more words

It Fit!!

Wow, so as I started packing everything today it finally began to sink in that this is actually happeningā€¦ like I am actually going to a foreign country to live and study for three whole months. 137 more words


Would you likeĀ a Finn-apple? it’s free, it’s tasty!

What about the cat? Nope, the cat it’s not tasty at all.