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How To Choose The Best Light Weight Cat Litter?

If you want to keep a pet in house and the idea of house training makes you nervous then cats are the best pet to have. 420 more words

Cat Litter

Mr Muffin

Muted sunbeam shines

On contented cat dreaming

Twitching as he hunts

New Zealand

A mind-altering microbe?

Can a parasite change our behaviour? Might your mood today have been altered by a foreign organism living inside you, hiding from your immune system? Today at the Society for General Microbiology Annual Conference, Professor Joanne Webster, from Imperial College London, will be talking about the impact of… 954 more words

Clinical & Medical Microbiology

I hate these fake snappy bubblegums..

My reaction everytime someone manage to trick me. ( ” Ò ‸ Ó) 


The Cat & The Ducklings...

It’s a priceless video! I just loved it.

I think my cat is punishing me

I think my cat Buster is punishing me for making him sleep in the utility room instead of the house. He does have access to the outside world for most of the day and only gets shut in for a few hours at night to stop him fighting with local Tom’s, but despite this apparent freedom to prowl he still chooses to save his pooping for during the nighttime hours. 31 more words


Ted the Cat is struggling... Lee was knoocked out in the semis...

Ted the Cat was obsessed by The Voice but lost interest after the semi finals.