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Cataclysm Event!

Remember all the previous trouble…

FEAR NO MORE FELLOW FANTAGIANS! The culprit has been found It’s actually…someone called Cindeline!!! 

Nice! LOVE THIS! Earn a medal and… 262 more words


Fantage Cataclysm Event

Fantage released a new event~~~ (sorry, i’m a bit late on posting this one)

Here’s the event info (lol so it wasn’t a mission?)

To go to Cindelines’s base just click the thing on the left corner of the map. 168 more words

Cataclysm Event

Remember these weird octopus-like bowls of bubbly, smoky pink stuff from the past couple of weeks?

Looks like the culprit behind it is… not Cinderella, but Cindeline! 444 more words

Fantage Events


A screenshot from my current session, just to show off the graphics in full HD


In Memory Of Dudeman

While playing my previous game of Cataclysm: DDA my character died a stupid death because I thought it’s a smart idea to charge towards a zombified bear… 347 more words


Fantage Cataclysm Event

First of all…

Ok. That looks like an octopus with an opening at the top and bubbles and pink liquid coming out. Weird…

On the World Map, there is Cindeline’s Base… 110 more words