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Other roles

Other roles

Many Kaldorei of both genders, perhaps the majority, take other roles in their society; not all females are Sentinels or Priestesses, and most males are not Druids. 174 more words

Other Roles

Episode 134: Dreams and Prophecies

The DV Cast talk about their dreams this week. Not their hopes or ambitions, mind you, but those weird hallucinations they all get when unconscious for the night. 213 more words


To WoW or Wildstar?

I have been contemplating getting back into an MMO.  I let my World of Warcraft subscription expire a few months ago, for reasons that have become cyclically familiar: accomplished all zone quest content, entered monotony with reputation and other grinds, abandoned my will to queue for PvP battlegrounds (but, someday, I swear I will finish  550 more words

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