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October, 2014
well, summer has run another course & winter’s tuning up – file last updated july 7 – last night’s frost advisory a false alarm – but chimney should be cleaned soon, some firewood brought in – many peppers left to pick, otherwise garden a done deal – season’s song one of hungry deer & tomato blight – former feeding daily down street – new fence needed, along with resources to acquire & install – their appetites impressive & diverse – left not a bean plant, hardly a pea, salvaged escarole, kale, cucumbers – plot b tomato plants completely clobbered by blight, plot a plants produced modest crop before blighted – enough for fresh salsa, tomato-basil sauce, sandwiches, gazpacho, only canned dozen quarts – onion crop may last winter, ditto potatoes, bumper yields of summer squash, cucumbers, corn, carrots, pickled some beets, bushel of butternut, 1 large hubbard – picked blueberries in august & in September mcintosh apples at Clarkdale in Greenfield & dole in Shelburne – won’t starve – gerlach bookbinding collection found happy home at lilly library Indiana university – packed on Monday, driven on Tuesday, delivered on Wednesday, yours truly back home early Thursday – remarkable library, flowering campus, sprawling green college town circled by big box churches, gun & porn shops, farms – local bookseller open late Tuesday, anti-communist free-market economist libertarian Lithuanian – been back on bike & to Hampshire athletic club for nautilus & pool laps – summer papermania cancelled account of lagging building renovation – got to cape cod 3 september days – visited edie & sisters in Harwich port, headed for Nickerson state park, biked many miles on cape cod rail trail – zach turns 30 today (October 6) – appears very satisfied with radiology residency – just back from Allentown – competed with yom kippur – absent some sellers & buyers – pioneer valley show this sunday & yours truly will be postering as soon as catalog 225 sent to eagle – hosting family here Columbus day for food & apple picking – 20 more words


A couple of years ago, my husband bought me the greatest pair of navy flannel pajamas.  They had little white dogs on them, which resemble one of our pets.   630 more words


October bargain list

This month’s list, in our series of bargain books, contains titles in the areas of philosophy, classics, archaeology and ancient near east, Judaica, and other assorted books.   24 more words



the featured image is available for purchase in the store now.  but, here’s another blast from the past!

remember this one?



Psst. Want to hear a secret? My new, 4-volume look book is actually my high school yearbooks. I pasted and taped my fashion tears in, very casually (torn edges were fine, we’re going for mood here, not perfection).. 123 more words

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