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Hologram Homage: A Post-Catalysts DIY Post

I could not say farewell to CATALYSTS without a
Hologram Homage.

In this case, my dress is not McQueen but rather Hal Rubenstein (with dangling tags!) This course has been so personally catalytic, and I must thank the powers-that-be who afforded me a scholarship to it. 64 more words

Improved P.I.P. Foams

Title: Foam Composition and its Uses Thereof

 Number/Link: US2014/079940


Publication date: 20-03-2014 (priority PCT)

Gist”: Use of 4 catalysts:  2 ‘normal’ and 2 ‘delayed action’ are used to formulate pour-in-place foams that resist fabric penetration. 153 more words

Flexible Foams


Reflecting back on the poetry I explored over the last couple of days I see that change definitely is inevitable and often goes unnoticed. Even in the poems, the aspects of change are subtle and you must really think to get hold of them. 88 more words


Some fun demonstrations

This post contains videos that were recorded during a chemistry class. Some of my students can be seen and heard in each of them. Before posting these online I checked with these students and asked for their permission to upload the videos. 117 more words

St Louis Export Top 40 under 40 Finale

We’re giving YOU the CHANCE to attend the St Louis Export Top 40 under 40 Finale.

Just give us 10 names of the Catalysts you think made the Top 40? 10 more words

Perks of Being a Jesse M. Robredo Ambassador

“For this country to succeed, we need to make heroes out of the ordinary people. We need to make heroes out of ourselves.” 
– Mayor /Secretary Jesse M. 2,185 more words

Random Experiences

Living it up with Enzymes !

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who just had one,” Gideon quoting Writer Elbert Hubbard.

Criminal Minds, Season 1, Episode 22, “The Fisher King (1)” 744 more words

Biochemical Minds