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Shipwreck Islands - Chaos and the Shadow

Reflect on the elements of chaos and the shadow in the environment and characters of The Tempest.

- HMC 230

The Tempest, a play by Shakespeare can be interpreted as one man’s journey toward individuation.

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Life is but a mirror!

I always find it fascinating when someone gets under my skin.  After the initial surge of emotion, the ability to stand back and reflect on what it is about that person that annoyed me so much, I quickly realise that this person is merely a catalyst of my own suppressed feelings or of a side of me that I have been ignoring.   258 more words


A Legacy of Stealing ... 7 Often Unrecognized Acts

STEALING: to take, especially in a secret manner : to take slyly, surreptitiously (Coles Concise English Dictionary, 1979)

Other words for STEAL (Synonyms): take, filch, bag, thieve, loot, rob, purloin, embezzle, defraud, keep, carry away or off, appropriate, take possession of, withdraw, divert, lift, remove, impress, abduct, shanghai, kidnap, spirit away, run off with, hold for ransom, rifle, sack, cheat, cozen, hold up, strip, poach, peculate, counterfeit, circulate bad money, swindle, plagiarize, misappropriate, housebreak, burglarize, blackmail, fleece, plunder, pillage, despoil, ransack, crib, burgle, stick up, hijack, skyjack, pinch, rustle, rip off, liberate, snatch, lift, freeze onto, annex, copy, swipe, mooch, gyp, dip one’s hands into, make off with. 442 more words

Catalysts Coding Contest on 24th October 2014

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve attended the Catalysts Coding Contest.

Although I prepares a project in Java and in Python, Catalysts changed the contest’s type: this time it was a simulator-based contest, so you had to provide controlling input parameters for a simulator application — provided by Catalysts. 865 more words

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