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The Weekend: 5 Things

It’s been some time since I’ve had a weekend of eating, but that’s exactly what this weekend was for me. Ashley completed her 8-week internship at Stanford and to celebrate, we filled our stomachs with the most delicious food. 192 more words


catbird singing (in the dead of night)

catbird chirps along stone walls
saying look at me
follow me
this way where the water flows

trim and proper in tailored suit
catbird mimics… 56 more words


Hot Child in the City

Running wild and looking pretty — in this bohemian-meets-flapper-chic beaded romper, gold accessories, nude lips and black nails.




Eco-Fashion Funsies

Sustainable Fashion

All That's Fine and Eye Candy

I first stumbled upon these gorgeously crafted keepsakes by shamelessly trolling Cara and Poppy Delevigne’s Instagram accounts. I do this often, and as a result, I’d like to think my time has been well-spent when I find something new and exciting. 485 more words

Fashion Blog

Proud Owner:

I finally caved! After weeks of having the Catbird website up on my tabs prolonging my purchase of the LoveCats ring, tonight I found myself in a moment of weakness. 126 more words


In the Catbird’s Seat

If you have an area of thick brushy undergrowth or a patch of dense shrubs, listen closely. If you hear a symphony of musical—and sometimes not so musical–sounds coming from the foliage, you may be hosting Gray Catbirds. 279 more words