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All That's Fine and Eye Candy

I first stumbled upon these gorgeously crafted keepsakes by shamelessly trolling Cara and Poppy Delevigne’s Instagram accounts. I do this often, and as a result, I’d like to think my time has been well-spent when I find something new and exciting. 485 more words

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Proud Owner:

I finally caved! After weeks of having the Catbird website up on my tabs prolonging my purchase of the LoveCats ring, tonight I found myself in a moment of weakness. 126 more words


In the Catbird’s Seat

If you have an area of thick brushy undergrowth or a patch of dense shrubs, listen closely. If you hear a symphony of musical—and sometimes not so musical–sounds coming from the foliage, you may be hosting Gray Catbirds. 279 more words


Light in August

This outfit is all about the delicate play of light. I’m especially enamored with the sheer hemline of this white cotton eyelet skirt, and the sweetheart neckline bustier complements it well. 122 more words


The Brooklyn Summer

This summer, I moved to Brooklyn, New York to nanny my 3 month-old nephew. Being a California native, I was apprehensive about trading my endless summer at the beach for the concrete jungle. 149 more words

Familiarity Begets Boredom

I have always been an individual that becomes bored with anything I do or sometimes even people I know. It is a curse in a way although it opens me up to new and exciting experiences. 366 more words


In Our Grove

A catbird has her nest in our grove. We cast out strips of white cotton cloth

all of which she picked up and used. I saw a bird flying across the street… 70 more words