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Random Image - Happy long weekend

Ben got into some massive ones today.  How’s your weekend going? Hang tight, we’ll be back at it soon.  The new year kicks off for… 10 more words


Six Stories by Shawn Rubenfeld

Fiction by Shawn Rubenfeld

We’re in an empty school, and we’re climbing to the sixth story. Most schools don’t have six stories. Most schools are flat and long. 704 more words

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Last Farmhouse Party by Paige Towers

Nonfiction by Paige Towers

The pick-up truck rumbled along the dirt road with its windows down – Seth at the wheel, the neighbor boy as the passenger, the neighbor boy’s sister, my sister Brooke and me leaning against the sides of the truck bed, Seth’s sister Kristie standing and bracing herself against the body – and the adults trailed behind us through the field, the setting sun glinting off their beer bottles when they lifted them to take a swig. 1,192 more words

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Listen to the Animals by Steven Hill

Fiction by Steven Hill

Animals are more sensitive than people. I remember my friend Noelle saying how her pet python arranged itself vertically up the side of its glass terrarium, inside her Hayes Valley apartment, just before the Big One struck in ‘89. 339 more words

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Five Poems by Joseph Mills

Poetry by Joseph Mills

Enter Shylock

He’s become so annoyed by the title
he no longer says it in conversation.
Instead he talks about “the show” 656 more words

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Photo of the moment (16)

Photo taken by my son, James Fowler


Translation: 5 Poems from Everything Shimmers by Naja Marie Aidt

Poetry by Naja Marie Aidt from Everything Shimmers

Translation from the Danish by Susanna Nied

you say the kitchen doesn’t fit me   it’s too little   so am I too big   too demanding   my soul hangs out the window, staring   my hand scrubs out a cup   my eye weeps   but isn’t that with joy   can you imagine   you say   licking the city   what if it were a sugar sculpture we could keep in our pockets   suck on when we were alone   I have such a crush on it   you say   I love it so much   well, take off your apron now, champagne girl, and become a peacock, a fountain!   2,220 more words

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