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Translation: 5 Poems from Everything Shimmers by Naja Marie Aidt

Poetry by Naja Marie Aidt from Everything Shimmers

Translation from the Danish by Susanna Nied

you say the kitchen doesn’t fit me   it’s too little   so am I too big   too demanding   my soul hangs out the window, staring   my hand scrubs out a cup   my eye weeps   but isn’t that with joy   can you imagine   you say   licking the city   what if it were a sugar sculpture we could keep in our pockets   suck on when we were alone   I have such a crush on it   you say   I love it so much   well, take off your apron now, champagne girl, and become a peacock, a fountain!   2,220 more words

Catch & Release


A Month from Matthew – 19

And he saith unto them,

” Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  4.19

[ “Catch & Release” Catch men out of the ditch of sin & release them into the River of Life! :) ]


Modern Sonnet Sequence by Daniel Penny

Poetry by Daniel Penny

Great Flood

You are kneeling on the slick tile floor
of our bathroom after the great flood,
scraping out long troughs of half-frozen mud, 483 more words

Catch & Release

4 Poems

Poetry by Donald Illich

Seeing the Average

The leaves aren’t so vivid, more mud-colored
than red and orange. The old buildings
are a lusty black and gray, government hovels… 565 more words

Catch & Release

Sinatra's at White Castle by Adam Shafer

Fiction by Adam Shafer

So, I’m on deadline to finish proofing one of the textbooks we were publishing. This was July of ‘65, I think it was. 847 more words

Catch & Release

Lose Your Soul

Nonfiction by Jessica Erica Hahn

I think we are in a rats’ alley

Where the dead men lost their bones

—T.S. Eliot, “The Waste Land” 1,316 more words

Catch & Release

Important Boating Tools

Boating demands a certain amount of gear for safety reasons, and to be ready for emergency repairs. To ensure you’re well prepared for the season, here are some essential boating tools and gear you should own. 618 more words

Fishing TIPS