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The Countdown Continues...

They say “when it rains, it pours” but despite the vast amounts of rain we have received in Sydney during the last week, if you use that metaphor in reference to my fishing during this winter season, I would have to say that it’s only been drizzling for the last few months. 696 more words


Get Real: Interview with an Interviewer

Get Real with Carla Stockton

Interview with Interviewer Thelma Adams

There’s a movement in entertainment lately. More and more of the shows and films earning critical acclaim and audience loyalty are written, produced, and run by women. 1,065 more words

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Guru by Barbara Harroun

Fiction by Barbara Harroun

Susan went to the retreat because she wanted silence, but Bridgette, her roommate in the small, rustic cabin would not shut the fuck up. 270 more words

Catch & Release

Walker-Stranger by Kenny Ong

Nonfiction by Kenny Ong

After five hours of class in the same room, only one hour of sleep in the past 48 hours, and no dinner, I needed to go home, but I didn’t want to. 1,724 more words

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Tricos and a fisherman's bad luck

Of course, you know that would happen.

THE major Lackawanna River hatch in a particular section of river I often fish is the trico mayfly. On many July and August mornings, the sky is filled with a cloud of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of the little buggers. 194 more words


Catch & Release: 14 August 2014

“Anyway, the point here is that we are living in an age of revolution, whether we will or no, and that America is the only Western nation with both the power and, as I hope to suggest, the experience that may help to make these revolutions real and minimize the human damage. 146 more words

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By Night We Howl by Care Santos

Fiction by Care Santos

So I stayed here, waiting, on Third Avenue between Seventh and Fourth, after circling around the adjacent streets some. I didn’t like the idea of living out in the open. 1,923 more words

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