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Wow! Over month away from my blog....

I’m sorry, yet again about being so sporadic regarding my posts on my blog. I’ve been up to lots in the past month or so. After returning from PA, a trip to VT & a birthday have passed by.   558 more words


Comparing Blogs to Friends & Really Good Ice Cream

I’ve been staring at this post screen for going on 42 minutes. I finally forced myself to close out all the tabs I had open that I was using to purposely distract myself from writing this. 932 more words

Raging 20s

Well, Hello there

I’m back!

It has been an amazing summer! The weather has been incredible this summer. 60 degrees on August mornings? I’ll take it! I usually hate summer. 387 more words


And now back to your regular scheduled programming...

Hello crumpets.

Last week was a bit heavy and was also not stationery related at all, wasn’t it? I felt like… Like it was something that needed talking about, especially while the topic at hand was actually at the forefront of everyone’s minds. 562 more words



Its been so long since I wrote I’m not sure where to begin.

It’s been a frikking awful month, let me just get that out there! 966 more words


Holiday Fun!

Hay guys
So first I would just like to say I apologise for not writing my blog in 5 days! lately I have just been chilling with my family so I almost forgot to update it :) 358 more words

Its been a while... lets catch up.


So its been a while since ive been on here. I had to take a break from writing, I came on here at a bad time when I was feeling really down and alone and someone on my feed posted they were about to commit suicide. 515 more words