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Public School Catechism Classes Start

Public School Catechism Classes

When: Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 PM, starting on September 10

Where: Trinity Church basement

Who: 6th – 8th graders. Parents and guests are always welcome! 531 more words


Children's Catechism

This is one of the most helpful resources I have found for teaching my children the gospel of God’s grace: Truth and Grace Memory Book… 42 more words

Christian Life

What's the significance of the sexual encounter in marriage? // What is the significance of the child in a marriage?

What significance does the sexual encounter have within marriage?

According to God’s will, husband and wife should encounter each other in bodily union so as to be united ever more deeply with one another in love and to allow children to proceed from their love. 236 more words


How important is health? // Why is it a sin to take drugs?

How important is health?

Health is an important value, but not an absolute one. We should treat our God-given body gratefully and carefully, but not be obsessed with it. 174 more words


What is the Church's judgment on homosexuality? // What are the essential elements of Christian marriage?

What is the Church’s judgment on homosexuality?

God created man as male and female and destined them for each other in a bodily way as well. 130 more words


Why is rape a serious sin? // What does the Church say about using condoms to fight AIDS?

Why is rape a serious sin?

Someone who rapes another person thoroughly and completely debases that person. He violently breaks into the deepest intimacy of another and wounds the victim at the core of his ability to love. 233 more words