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Trees, nets and teaching

By Gordon Rugg

Much of the debate on education uses diagrams to illustrate points being discussed.

Many of those diagrams are based on informal semantics. 1,885 more words

Education Theory

Chunking, schemata and prototypes

By Gordon Rugg and Sue Gerrard

What are chunking, schemata and prototypes, and why should anybody care?

The second question has a short answer. These are three core concepts in how people process and use information, so they’re centrally important to fields as varied as education and customer requirements gathering. 2,753 more words

Education Theory

Labelling & Categorisation

I will, I hope, soon get back to some of the more interesting topics I hope to cover, including how I’m getting on with Ursula K. 884 more words


Categories, Schmategories

I was cleaning my room recently, and I started to think about categories. This rant was the result. 

Human beings seem to have this inherent need to categorise everything. 237 more words


The ones that don’t fit in the pigeonholes

By Gordon Rugg

One of the favourite activities of bureaucrats and of bigots down the ages is fitting people into pigeonholes. This has caused a lot of misery down the ages. 1,863 more words


Loving Dance and Performing

My old life is gone but something I’m still hanging on to is dancing. I’m not a classical dancer, i started only when I was 19 years old but i have always loved it. 466 more words

In-groups, out-groups and the Other

By Gordon Rugg

This article is a quick overview of some long-established and useful concepts from sociology and related fields.

It’s mainly intended as background for another article that I’ll be posting soon, about how most systems treat people who don’t fit neatly into pre-established pigeonholes. 1,524 more words

Useful Concepts