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Four Reasons: Why I am now Addicted to Pinterest

It is official…I am addicted to Pinterest.

I remember signing up and getting an account a few years ago, when it must have been quite new.   437 more words


App Review #7 - SimpleMind+


Ok, so here is my next app review!  Yet again, this is one that I have used a few times, and if you like your mind maps this is a great does-what-it-says-on-the-tin kind of app.   503 more words

App Review


Todays lesson was all about how to expand our blogs further. The importance of tagging and categorising and how to pick a theme to suit our style of working. 66 more words


App Review #6 - 2Do


Ok, so we probably all know just how many ‘Things To Do List’ type apps are available for iPhone and/or iPad.  This app is again one that I use regularly, and since the last update it is one that I think looks nice and is designed to be simple to use.   760 more words

App Review

App Review #5 - MyStuff2

Hello! It has been a while and I am very sorry about that.  But I am back with my fifth app review.  I thought I’d go with one that I’ve had on my phone for a little while now and have only just decided to start using it.   750 more words

App Review

Tagging & Categorising

I remember last week we spoke about tagging- Tagging relevent key words from a blog post which makes it easier to search for in the future. 31 more words


Breaking brackets

We spend our lives trying to fit everyone into a very small number of brackets. But who decided these brackets in the first place? Were they right to only give a few options and result in everyone from here on out encouraging everyone to fit the certain shape? 245 more words

Breaking The Mould