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You are very unique, just like everyone else.

This sentence has been stuck in my head lately.

When I was travelling inside China, I always get a dramatic response “Really? No way. You don’t look like Shanghainese.” Oddly, I don’t find it offensive. 498 more words

DuraCell® Multi-Channel Branding

Multi-Channel Label Strip can be used for additional product and price information, signage, category delineation or branding as for these DuraCell® Green (for Eco-Friendly) Rechargeable Batteries. 329 more words

Shelf Edge Fixtures

Categorization: The Pineapple Incident Story

So after thinking about how hope affected Ted Mosby and subsequently all of our lives, I began to think more about the last thing I mentioned in that post: the pineapple incident. 644 more words

How I Met Your Mother

Categories and tags

Think of a grocery store.  It’s organized by fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, the freezer aisle, chips aisle, soda and juice aisle, etc.  Imagine a person who hated anything to do with cows.  347 more words


Categorizing prototypes and non-prototypes

In the classical view of categorization, categories cannot overlap and entities clearly belong or do not belong to a certain category because it has a clear definition (Spencer, 2009). 369 more words

Order Vs. Organization

All children have special needs, but only some children are “Special Needs.”  The double-edged issue of categorization looms in all its sharpness.  For the people subject to the categories we create, the subjective experience of it all can be as filtering, restrictive, and imprisoning as it can be sheltering, protective, and comforting.  77 more words