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Lexographical nightmares

While volunteering at the Book Thing- I get a amateur’s eye view of the categorization of literary works. To me this represents a deeper  tendency to navigate the world through the philosophical disambiguation and reduction of complex and ambiguous realities. 654 more words



I’ve been thinking lately a lot about labels.

What is the point of them? I guess the point of a lot of labels is to classify others in order to know where you yourself stand. 942 more words


And I have known the eyes already, known them all—
The eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase

The magnitude of this line is beyond…

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Categorization precedes characterization.

The question of what characterizes the difference between women and men begs the question of how the categories of “women” and “men” have been divided in the first place.

Direct vs. representational perception -- the discussion

In prior posts (here and here), I have illustrated representational methods and direct methods.  The illustrations were from science, because that is more public so easier to demonstrate the contrast.  1,279 more words


Giving up cookies for a new internet... The third age of targeting is at your door.

While preparing next week’s Measure Camp in London (http://www.measurecamp.org), I had been wondering what would be the most interesting topic in my eyes. And my question is: “ 395 more words


Mapping out the texture of my blog

I’ve been saying that my blog has an interesting texture to it for a while now, and I decided to investigate this.

I selected the characteristics that seemed most prevalent and then went through all 74 (at the time) posts and categorized them into as many of the characteristics as were fitting. 70 more words