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The Limits of Limitations: The Projection List's TV Problem

Debuting today, The Projection List is presented as a resource tool: on one site, users can find theatrical, OnDemand, and Retail release dates for what looks generally to be the vast majority of motion pictures. 1,047 more words


Why do we feel the need to categorize people?

Why do we put people in certain boxes? Why do we feel the need to label every single thing? Why do we categorize?

A couple of weeks ago the local newspaper wrote an article about how we are prejudiced. 783 more words


All the Words You've Heard but Don't Understand; A Guide to the Queer Language

This is serving as an informational post covering all the new words we’ve added to our language to describe sexual and romantic orientation and gender (which is different from sex). 497 more words


Principles of Categorization, Basic-Level Effects and Prototypes

Summary and discussion of “Principles of Categorization”, by Eleanor Rosch, 1978

It’s a basic commonsense that the apple, banana and the orange are all fruits, then that the fruits and the vegetables are all plants and that there is huge difference between a house and a horse. 2,327 more words

Cognitive Science

Bullying is a Product of our Society

Dear America,

We live in a society where we are judged for everything.  How we look, what we wear, who we hang out with.  We are told by the media who we should be…we can’t decide for ourselves. 135 more words


Utensil Categorization by Food

You might initially think these C-Channel food category labels appeared in grocery. Not so. Here they categorize cooking, serving and eating utensils at the shelf edge instead… 395 more words

Store Fixtures

Gourmet Tea Categorized by Color

I love merchandising that includes arrays and groupings of color. I think color can call across the selling floor and bring the customer closer for a true investigation of offerings… 400 more words

Store Fixtures