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28th of July: time's flying

ok, so last post didn’t look different than the usual ones – cause the frikkin’ photo didn’t show did it?

Anyways, the last week has been pretty hectic with a pretty lively social life. 62 more words


New Simple Foundation Routine

Every so often I like to change my foundation routine. My old routine consisted of all MAC products. In my new one, I started wearing BB Creme and a lighter concealer. 178 more words


Tragedi #MH17: Mengapa ujian datang bertimpa-timpa?

Berikut adalah artikel daripada sebuah portal berita yang membawa panji parti PAS:

MENGAPA ujian datang bertimpa-timpa ketika rakyat masih lagi menikmati erti keamanan? Selepas 57 tahun merdeka ramai berhujah baru sekarang Malaysia diuji bertalu-talu.

517 more words

23rd of July: phone updates suck

Simply because they usually look different than the normal ones. I like consistency

It’s been so extremely hot today, so obviously I’ve stayed in all day avoiding the sun. 66 more words



I’ve always had an allergic reaction to artificial food colorings. Being a child in America was made oddly difficult with this dietary restriction. Apparently, every American child wants, and is expected to want, pink and blue frosting, red and green soda, and a veritable rainbow of sprinkles. 322 more words


#MH17: The Past 24 Hours Shows How Different Malaysia is

Yes, In my view Malaysia shocked the world. Shocking in sense how Malaysian government handled MH17 matters quite well and surprised many. Indeed, to some, Malaysia was soft and as if DS Najib and government of Malaysia seems clueless. 1,055 more words