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Spoilers for the 12 epi revealed


The actor, singer and songriter Charlie Bodin (CSI) recorded a cameo for the 12 epi of Grey’s and share the title with us: The Great Pretender… 101 more words

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BTS PICS (11x11)

New bts pics of Amelia operating in someone’s brain (paging Nicole Herman) with Steph. The episode is the 11. Can’t wait:

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As always, E! goes first and give us spoilers about the next episodes from Greys. TIP: We might get some emotional scenes coming around

Leah: I can’t wait until January for more Grey’s Anatomy! 125 more words

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Can Amelia save Dr Herman's life?

New Caterina’s interview, and this time, its about the whole new case our little dreamy is facing at Greys.
She talks about the Dr Herman’s life and how are Amelia odds to actually save her. 662 more words

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Fall Finale's Spoilers

Tv Line give us some things about our little dreamy on this Fall Finale, check it out:

Amelia doesn’t exactly follow through on her threat to move out of Casa de Mer/Der in the wake of her brother’s near-betrayal. 95 more words

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New (BIG) Caterina interview

Ok, so we have ANOTHER great interview with Caterina, and this one is kinda fun. She talks a little about upcoming projects, check it out: 1,536 more words

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Podcast with Caterina

A new podcast with our little dreamy is on itunes now, so you can click here and listen for free :)

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