Survival, Filmmaking and Food

Food is on my mind… a lot. I am human. I will always remember my first time working on set. I remember walking into the old disused hospital, the smell of the dust burning on the lights, the PA’s running around with their walkie talkies, The 1st AD’s voice, the director pacing back and forth between the set and the video village, the food. 502 more words


Food Friday: 2 Blocks Up

Alright, last Food Friday post from my traveling way back at the end of June and beginning of July. I am ending with a family spot in Bremerton, Washington: … 349 more words

Food Friday

Summer time, time to change your habits!

It’s summer time, time for holidays, time for a few days off… at least for your passengers. As a Flight Attendant, you are still working but not exactly the same way compared to the rest of the year… Your passengers are in a different mood and probably flying for other reasons than for business. 648 more words

Non Classé

Finding a Venue

I have to admit, finding a venue was one of the hardest parts of starting a wedding.

First of all, our wedding is going to be small(ish). 272 more words

Wedding Planning

Vintage Garden Tea Party Cake ......

Teacups and picnic blankets are required when you grab a slice of this one.


Best places For Indian Food in Dubai

Indian food dubai is unique and special not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of its cooking. Indian food reflects a perfect blend of various ages and culture. 221 more words

Indian Food In Dubai

Catering tips for summer weddings.

The catering is extra important in summer weddings, mainly because the hot weather can mess with the freshness of food. Also, with such heat, I doubt your guests would like to have a hot soup! 161 more words