Chef's New Toy... the Anti-Griddle!

I have wanted an Anti-Griddle for about 2 or 3 years now. I think they are amazing, weird and fun! I just needed to convince a client to have one during their event in order to justify buying one. 519 more words


Executive Washroom Rentals

Did you know that we rent executive washrooms? If you have an outdoor event, especially an outdoor one at your home, you may not want people to enter your home. 75 more words

Club Spotlight: The Who Went Where

Change is something that is inevitable for all businesses.  Whether it is a new product, or a new branch of the company, or new people, it is important for a business to experience change to be able to serve their customers better.  484 more words


Simon Says: Hosting for the Holidays

In the early days of my career, having just moved away from home, I worked as a waiter, restaurant manager, bus boy, dish washer and everything in between. 1,572 more words


So What Does Catering a Party for 3-Year-Olds Look Like?

Lutheran Family Services provides a home-based program where families are visited weekly to learn about typical child development. Parents not only learn skills to help their baby meet those goals, they also may enjoy an hour free to go food shopping without the needs and demands of a child along.   154 more words


Catering, Catering Company St Louis, Italian Catering Company St Louis

Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar offers professional catering services to the St Louis area. Candicci’s has been providing catering services for more than 34 years and has catered for some of the largest companies in St Louis. 7 more words

From Apprenticeship to University: Jake's Story

More and more apprentices are looking to pack their bags and leave for University after completing their apprenticeship! This is the success story of one of our apprentices… 472 more words