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Earth Movers Then and Now

I was looking for some Halloween images in my Grandma’s Scrapbooks tonight and instead ran across a couple interesting images of earth movers.

LITTLE MAN – BIG SCOOP… 300 more words


Butterfly Effect

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly” -Proverbs


Look up. Look Down. Look all around…

Your pants are falling down.

Sorry, I had a 3rd grade flashback. Your pants are fine but look at what I found while entertaining my adolescent mind. 6 more words


Poisonous Berries

So, I promised a lady from my church that I would attempt to start a blog that detailed the ridiculous things that happen in my life while I’m away at college. 710 more words


I Was Thinking About Salty,

the biopic they’d make of my 10th grade
geometry classmate Ethan “Salty” Van Raalte
a couple years ago when two extremely lustrous
vibrating caterpillars came clanking and honking furiously… 50 more words


Day 458 Small tortoiseshell caterpillar / Kleine Fuchs Raupe

The caterpillars of this common butterfly species (Aglais urticae) is found often on nettles. The black caterpillar with its yellow stripes and bushels of hairs is easy to recognise. 52 more words