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Funeral of a Caterpillar

A butterfly emerges, bold and free,
and the world celebrates its beauty.

But in the moments when the fresh wings
stretch, the butterfly grieves,

for he saw his life as a caterpillar… 14 more words



Worm-hands, my leg-armed squirm
propels my day, chewing, forever-chew.
What use is a clever caterpillar?
It eats, eats daily, never-builder,
eats, molts, crawls, sticks sticking, 78 more words

Watch Giant Construction Equipment Have an Epic Jenga Battle

Construction equipment is useful for digging through soil, erecting new buildings and … engaging in the largest Jenga competition known to man. Ok, it’s not technically Jenga—we’re guessing nobody wanted to to pay Hasbro for licensing rights—but construction company Caterpillar has released a new ad featuring much of its commonly seen construction equipment squaring off to stack giant wooden blocks into a tall but precariously balanced tower. 147 more words

Sebald on Moths, from "Austerlitz"

From Austerlitz by W.G. Sebald:

Some had collars and cloaks, like elegant gentlemen on their way to the opera, said Gerald; some had a plain basic hue, but when they moved their wings showed a fantastic lining underneath, with oblique and wavy lines, freckles, zigzag bands, fringes and veining and colours you could never have imagined, moss green shot with blue, fox brown, saffron, lime yellow, satiny white, and a metallic gleam as of powdered grass or gold.

584 more words

Toystate Caterpillar Construction Job Site Machines: Dump Truck

Classic CAT Construction Vehicles Working lights and Construction site vocals Motorized driving and machine dump bed, feature on the Dump Truck Hard drivin’ construction tunes Recomended for ages 3 and Up

Caterpillar's of my Life

I have many caterpillars in my life. Caterpillars stays with me always. Wherever I go, whatever I do, whatever I think of , caterpillar always follows me. 365 more words