50 Words: Cost of Smiling

“I have lost so many things I can never get back.”

“Any regrets?”

“No regrets. I had to do all I did, for my sanity.” 26 more words


Long Days, Yielding Nothing (But This)

Since returning from my Russian Immersion experience, I’ve felt nothing but sluggish and distracted. Sure, I’m a distractible guy – that’s no surprise to anyone that knows me even slightly – but this is ridiculous. 485 more words


This is not a poem

Lots of thoughts

With no words to wear

My mind is a rowdy play pen

A seat of chaos

Flashes of ideas flit across the landscape… 147 more words


The Venetian Nymph

Summer is that season that makes you run from festival to festival¬† looking for catharsis . It’s that season that’s got everything for everybody : from holidays by the sea to cool museums¬† , all spiced up with plays and music . 132 more words

Fashionable Characters

Chemical Reaction

Emotional chemistry.

Chemistry is you touching my mind, and setting my body on fire.
What a state of eunoia.

Thats what it is.

It is the illusion or a high, which after it uses its catalyst (you), 196 more words


Bristol Half Maraton training week #4 and a long run catharsis

Here is my week #4 recap for the Bristol Half Marathon training!

What the plan said:
What I did:

Monday: REST! I had to recover from my intense… 1,191 more words


Catharsis [Do not worry about me - Explaining my writings to family and friends]

Before, I felt I had no need to explain myself, but now I feel I must preface my writings in order to explain to my family and friends what it is that I am doing in my writings so that I am not misunderstood, for them to not worry, to not have anxiety over me, to not increase their heart rate and blood pressure in their worries. 510 more words