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“I read Emily Bronte at age six and enjoyed the angsty poetry a lot more than the rhyming stuff we had at school. I still have a really old book (with a dinosaur on front) of poems I wrote when I was about six, seven, or eight that are all about really depressing things I hadn’t actually experienced. 487 more words

The Life & Death of Sorry

The Life & Death of Sorry


Sorry can get caught in yesterday

Its hums and haws and final dispel

The pain of it all and the shame that went well… 240 more words


Breakdown of The Movie Girl.

There are several different archetypal characters in literature and film; the jock, the nerd, the popular girl, etc. When I was a little girl, however, I created an archetype of my own. 675 more words


The Right To Revenge

All who seek to dwell within the light of Truth must embrace an intrinsic, inalienable, and reflective right to seek and claim personal vengeance. Revenge and personal vengeance must be understood as reflections of personal trauma. 660 more words


The Test of Time Has Failed

This morning, K told me he likes to get up at 6:30 every morning, even on his days off. He sits in a fold-up camping chair in front of the window and smokes while the sun comes up. 448 more words


Letter To A Random Stranger

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Let’s be honest; you and I are complete strangers.

We have no reason whatsoever to communicate with each other. And so, we probably won’t. 1,043 more words


Against all Satan's spells

The Exam To End All Exams has ended, and, it is to be hoped, has lived up to the name I have just now given it. 1,211 more words