Beyond the Catharsis of Blogging

Ask yourself this one simple question: why do you blog?

Do you have a wealth of information to share, are you looking to forge relationships with others who share a similar interest, are you promoting a product, do you love to write, or…… are you simply using it as a medium to vent your emotions? 730 more words

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12 Steps for Getting Over Him

Okay ladies, raise your hand if you’ve been swindled by love. Or better yet, who among us has also been brow-beaten by its cruel cousin, lust? 1,639 more words


Autumn at Last

Churchill Ave North

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Blue horizons clip the day

In torrents of puffy sky clouds

That meditate the mind gently

        Like friendly kisses & 31 more words



I danced till 3 a.m. last night. I was happy for absolutely no reason which is really the best reason to be happy. Coming to think of it, I really had reasons to whine and complain but somehow yesterday, they were tucked away into some forgotten corner of my mind. 783 more words

The Day I Almost Died - Happy Re-Birthday to Me!

It’s hard to believe that 3 years have gone by already, but on this date in 2011 I almost died.

No really, I’m not being overly dramatic. 1,555 more words


How do I let go of anger?

I wake up each morning with a solemn vow – to be happy, positive, and kind throughout the day. But like everything else, it is much easier said than done. 442 more words


A Color: GREY

This is more of a philosophical catharsis than a typical Puccini’s Chronicles entry, my dilettante friends- but I promise, there WILL be some song recommendations at the end of this. 283 more words