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Last week I was talking about the ‘not so fun’ parts of writing. But that when it boils down to it, we keep at it because it’s something we feel we have to. 174 more words

Episodes 2 and 3 of Captain Earth - Chasing Normality

The second episode of Captain Earth was effectively formed of two parts – an action sequence which built up Daichi (literally, as his robot was constructed) and then tore him down as he was unable to fight when it mattered, and subsequently the fallout from this. 1,484 more words

Animation & Film

I Used Running To Run Away From My Problems, Then I Ran The 2013 Boston Marathon

Run faster, eat constantly; not too many carbs but just enough to be faster. Wake up every morning at 6am before the sun lights your skin on fire; light your muscles on fire with every step and thump. 524 more words


I suffer from life and from other people. I can’t look at reality face to face. Even the sun discourages and depresses me. Only at night and all alone, withdrawn, forgotten and lost, with no connection to anything real or useful — only then do I find myself and feel comforted.

Fernando Pessoa


The Eclectic Madness of Great Beauty

True to it’s title, the visually striking and aesthetically pleasing new film La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) directed by Paolo Sorrentino is an ode to classic Italian cinema. 1,513 more words


Summer 2014: Overview

Hey there!

This summer (and the rest of 2014 so far, actually!) has really been so fun and productive I thought it will be a waste not to record it for future reference. 294 more words



Is it just me, or is there something magical and awesome about days that go absolutely wrong?

A little while ago I had one of those days. 257 more words