Catharsis [Do not worry about me - Explaining my writings to family and friends]

Before, I felt I had no need to explain myself, but now I feel I must preface my writings in order to explain to my family and friends what it is that I am doing in my writings so that I am not misunderstood, for them to not worry, to not have anxiety over me, to not increase their heart rate and blood pressure in their worries. 510 more words


Set it ablaze.

Collusion, Confusion, widespread diffusion,
Set me ablaze from this fire you are abusing,

I am set on a path led only towards destruction.
Parted my ways from you but you are the imminent obstruction. 148 more words


(Mis)adventures in pain

Scenes from an active mind feeling fractured; this post does not flow well because my thoughts are not flowing well right now, but I think…I think I want to say it all, this way, anyways. 1,254 more words

Day In The Life

"Get Started Here"

Ok. I haven’t visited WordPress in well over a year.

New themes, new layouts, features like a check box labeled “This post is super-awesome”. Really? Cool. 75 more words

My Fingers Work

a poem a day - July 21


a poem a day

keeps the insanity




For Nathan

Dearest Nathan,

You don’t know me. As far as I can surmise, we’ve never met. I know you don’t know me, but I’ve thought about you every day for the past month. 1,114 more words


I am not your type.

I’m not your type. 

No, I won’t leave you after one night,
I might jump to conclusions and start a fight,

I’m not your type.  367 more words