Why Do I Write?

To dream, to imagine, to escape, to experience.

People write for many reasons – to share their stories, their experiences, their knowledge. To escape from reality, to become lost in the words on the page. 126 more words


November Baptism

When the whispers become loud screaming cries
What do you suppose is to become of us?

Dreary November morning
with a quiet, but terribly cold rain… 141 more words


sitting next to me on the tram there was a man that smelt like clean laundry and i almost leant my head on his shoulder, just to close my eyes for a moment, just to feel a shoulder. 212 more words

Just Another Monday

After a not so awesome day at work, I came home and wrote out what bugged me. After dinner, I did a bit of work on Life Book Week 44. 123 more words

Art Journal

happy together?

True love. The friend-zone. The One. I can’t get through one day without hearing something related to dating and rightfully so. After all, everyone just wants to feel special. 1,235 more words



I love it. Period. I would not care a damn if you have a problem with it. I want to vent out my feelings and I want catharsis. 166 more words