The Heart Engine

That pulsing throb

Brings fresh life

To weary muscles

And the racing mind

It thumps and pounds

For physical demands

Grows for the purest love… 19 more words


@pasarseni2014 : Pasar Seni Atau Pasar Orang?

where do I start….

pasar seni ITB. apakah saya sudah pernah kesana sebelumnya? ternyata belum. saya juga baru tahu kalau acara tersebut dilaksanakan setiap empat tahun sekali. 871 more words


No More Time

So she danced

The orchestra was her will

Denial was the stage

The audience was still

I saw her dancing like others did

It was black night perhaps the mid… 45 more words


Silver Linings (a poem)

There’s a saying that every cloud has a silver lining, but

I don’t know how true that is

Clouds are evaporated water that is heavier than the air… 438 more words


reflections on subject so far (catharsis)

After conversations and debates between my tutors and peers, I’ve been coming to concusions about my project based on the object of the bow and arrow. 392 more words

Fine Art

Gap in the Rainbow

In sleeping ether

I am whole

You are near me


I wake with sour courage

Slump out of bed

Nourish the body

Toil to earn worth… 31 more words


Then There Were None

I write this post with my dog in my lap. She is no little dog, but she is in fact, a big baby. She’s my cuddle lovey. 350 more words