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Double Chocolate Macarons Recipe

Surely just those three words are enough to have any gourmet, or for that matter gourmand, salivating. Macaron, as opposed to macaroon, are the delicate meringue based confection made ground almonds, sandwiched together with a cream, buttercream, chocolate ganache or fruit purée. 447 more words


Garden at Chenonceau

I am sure you can imagine that after our amazing lunch at L’Orangerie a leisurely stroll around the gardens would be just perfect, and you would be right. 487 more words


The Art of Diplomacy: Elisabeth de Valois and Edward VI

In July 1551 the French Maréchal St. André visited the English court, ostensibly to bestow the prestigious Order of St. Michael on Edward VI, but also for negotiations about a marriage between the young English king and the even younger French princess Elisabeth de Valois. 1,008 more words

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Chenoneau Chateau

Quite often I am one to save the best for last, but on a vacation where everything is not set in stone, we decided to start with what we thought would be the best. 532 more words


Reign Season Two Premiere: 'The Plague' Death Count

Season two of Reign opens with a pretty grim announcement: the black death has returned and it’s super gross. Nostradamus is on hand to tell everyone to watch out for fever, aches, pains and disgusting open sores. 521 more words


The Peace Portrait: The Significance of the Little Dog

One of the most beautiful portraits of Elizabeth I is the so-called Peace Portrait, and it has long been associated with the Earl of Leicester. 971 more words

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Journey to France: romance and adventure are involved in this story. Catherine de’ Medici, an Italian duchess, married a French Duke, Henry II, in 1553. Catherine enticed Giuseppe Ruggeri to bring his prized recipe for traditional artisan gelato to her husband’s delighted court in France. 488 more words

Giuliana Maravalle