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Learning to Love the Obligation

Do you go to Mass on Holy Days of Obligation?  I go to Mass every single Sunday, but holy days lost their importance to me over the years .  795 more words

The Mass

Top Ten Reasons I'll Always Be Catholic. Part 2.

Part 2 contains some of my favorite and the Church’s most profound teachings and gifts to humanity on understanding of our purpose. I tend to go on and on when I’m on these subjects so I cut the rest out and you can read it in Part 3 next week! 1,793 more words

Catholic Beliefs

Why Do You Catholics Pray to the Saints?

A common objection we receive from critics as well as people trying to understand the faith is why we invoke the saints. “Why do you Catholics pray to the saints?” they ask: “Why don’t you just pray directly to Jesus?” 720 more words

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