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Fishy Friday

Now I am no expert on the reasoning behind eating fish on Good Friday at Easter. I believe it stems from Catholic beliefs and it is tradition to do so (eat fish only) on Good Friday and every Friday during lent. 315 more words

Catholicism 101 - Where do our beliefs come from?

Our beliefs come from 2 places – Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  We believe that the bible and the tradition passed down to us from the apostles make up the single deposit of our faith.  392 more words


Apologetics 101- When was the term "Catholic" first used?

Apologetics is the art of defending your faith.  It sounds like its related to the word “apologize,” but it is not.  Early Christian writers who defended their faith were called apologists – hence the term apologetics! 407 more words


The Catechism of the Catholic Church...or....What Catholics Really Believe!

It seems like these days

I keep running into people

who are just like me


just like I was

prior to being confirmed Catholic… 211 more words