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There go those Catholics, praying to the Saints again!

You’ve heard of saints, right? You might use the word ‘saint’ to describe someone you know that is very kind and helps people with what they need, or is very virtuous. 1,049 more words

Catholic Beliefs

Please Come Back

Please come back.

What do you hear in your heart as you read those words?  There isn’t much I can say to get you back to church if you don’t feel the need for it where it matters – deep down inside of you.   226 more words


No, the Pope did not just permit gay marriage!

On Monday, the Vatican released what it calls a “relatio post disceptationem”—Latin for “report after debate” that has caused a tsunami of discussion and has sent the press into a feeding frenzy of speculation over “changes” in the Church’s teaching about gay marriage. 937 more words

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The Catholic Mass- One Hour to Jesus!

The Catholic Mass is crucial to practice of faith as a Catholic. It’s also a remarkable testament to the Truth of the Church- it has been celebrated in the same way (aside from new translations or other changes like using the regional vernacular instead of Latin, the priest facing the people instead of the altar, etc.) for… 2,026 more words

Catholic Beliefs

What Do Catholics Believe? Unpacking the Nicene Creed.

Our first content-filled RCIA class this week was great, we covered the Nicene Creed. Lots of Christian churches use this creed, not just Catholics. In my ignorance as a child I thought this was a prayer, and I really didn’t understand what kind of prayer that could possibly be. 1,696 more words

Catholic Beliefs

Beware of Those Funny Paper Headlines!

I opened my browser this morning and was drawn to another headline claiming that Pope Francis said something incredible and church-changing.  My reaction to this headline was – … 141 more words