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Why Do You Catholics Pray to the Saints?

A common objection we receive from critics as well as people trying to understand the faith is why we invoke the saints. “Why do you Catholics pray to the saints?” they ask: “Why don’t you just pray directly to Jesus?” 720 more words

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Hey, you Catholics! This is 2014! You gotta get with it and change those unpopular teachings!

A comment we all frequently hear from people is that lots of people don’t accept the Church’s teaching on certain issues, therefore the Church should change them so that people will come to church again. 1,075 more words

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There go those Catholics, praying to the Saints again!

You’ve heard of saints, right? You might use the word ‘saint’ to describe someone you know that is very kind and helps people with what they need, or is very virtuous. 1,049 more words

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