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“They got up immediately and returned to Jerusalem.” —Luke 24:33

Acts of the Apostles was written over forty years after Jesus’ resurrection. By that time, some of the second generation Christians had lost their first love for the Lord (see Rv 2:4). 293 more words

Easter Sunday Joy!


In place of “Part II” of Now and Forever (the regular session of Good New Spirituality) we’ll be considering this Easter message:

“This is the kingdom for joy!” 299 more words

Catholic Church

Holy Week

Holy Thursday: The Last Supper of The Lord

“The washing of the feet and the sacrament of the Eucharist: two expressions of one and the same mystery of love entrusted to the disciples, so that, Jesus says, “as I have done… so also must you do” (Jn 13: 15).” … 498 more words


Wanted: A Real Exorcist

Wanted: Actual Exorcist, not Mere Investigator

Interest in the paranormal has surged over the past few years. Reality TV shows propelled this popularity causing some viewers to take up arms and to start hunting ghosts. 344 more words

Ghost Hunting

Fine-tuning Our Focus

Deacon Betty H. Smith
March 2, 2014

In today’s Gospel of Matthew, Christ Sophia clearly tells us what to worry about and what not to worry about:  the body is more than clothes, life is more than food, and we cannot add a moment to our lifetime by worrying. 93 more words

Catholic Church

The Presentation in the Temple

Deacon Denise Menard Davis

Let us focus on Anna, using the details given in this Scripture passage.

As a 20 something year old childless widow when she returned to her father’s home, Anna may have realized she had a choice to make.  301 more words

Catholic Church