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The Pope is lecturing Tribunal Judges in Rome not to be "legalistic?"

Someone should knee him in the balls 4 the shit he’s doing 2 Conservative Catholics. (I’m being facetious). People need to hear the TRUTH, not the Pope’s personal opinions. 146 more words

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Pope Francis: No Catholic need to breed like 'rabbits': World News

I wonder if this lady’s husband wants to punch Pope Francis in the nose. He doesn’t seem to mind judging fertile married women, but not gay men. 36 more words

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Pope Francis apologize to that Filipino Woman

(1) She doesn’t need to hear your damage control at your subsequent Vatican Audience.

(2) She doesn’t need to hear “your excuses” for your verbal abuses. 351 more words


Dear Pope Francis - I raised rabbits!

Facts about rabbits

Every spring and summer; they have a litter every 21 days. Everyone of those baby bunnies was created and willed by God. 631 more words