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"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..." The private vs. public school debate.

Several years ago my wife Jennifer and I were sitting in the Earlham School auditorium watching the junior high conference chorus festival. Since we enjoy music (almost) as much as sports, we weren’t passively listening and hoping it would be over soon. 723 more words


Ontario Catholic schools grapple with court’s no-religion ruling: Walkom | Toronto Star

One of the historic anomalies in Ontario is a publicly funded separate Catholic school system that was part of the initial bargain of Confederation. A recent court decision allows students to opt-out of religious instruction. 294 more words


Taking the Catholic out of Ontario Catholic schools

The rules surrounding the religious components at Catholic schools are about to get even murkier.

An Ontario divisional court ruling last week sided with a Brampton father, Oliver Erazo, and granted his son the right not to participate in any religious activities at his high school. 423 more words

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Chris Selley: Get on your knees and opt-out

It is tempting to roll one’s eyes at parents — such as Oliver Erazo of Brampton, Ont. — who send their children to Catholic schools and then object to the Jesus-related programming. 868 more words

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J is for Josephites

In early 1956, Dad bought land by the shore of Lake Illawarra and moved our caravan there. By then we’d been living in the van for almost two years. 540 more words


Jarvis: An uncomfortable question

There’s no sense paying for Catholic schools if students are exempted from the Catholic part.

A panel of three judges in Ontario Superior Court has ruled that a Grade 11 student in a Catholic high school in Brampton who has the right to be excused from religious classes is also entitled to be exempted from mass and religious retreats. 644 more words


Catholic schools can’t force student to attend mass, court rules

The Ontario Superior Court has ruled that student at a Catholic high school who is entitled to be excused from religious courses must also be excused, if they wish, from religious field trips and attending mass. 422 more words