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"For the Kingdom!" ... wait... are we?

“For the Kingdom!” … every time I hear that phrase I picture a knight leading a large group of his army to take back their castle. 785 more words

Ladies Who Mourn - Bellefontaine Catholic Cemetery

Angels watch over the dead all over the world.

You’ve seen the statues… wings, solemn indifferent faces, flowing gowns. They’re beautiful, for sure, but I love finding human figures like these in… 125 more words

The Lord Teaching Me About "True Love" in Mass Yesterday

Something had happened in my personal life which made me feel very unloved.  In fact my heart was broken. 

I went to Mass yesterday and the reading was all about love.  391 more words


Your Twenties Are Over

I turned 30 the other night and it was pretty uneventful. No meteors fell from the sky, no wailing or gnashing of teeth, no Armageddon. I spent time with family and friends, I ran out to Home Depot (because it’s the place to be on the weekend), and I changed poop-filled diapers. 728 more words


Day 261: Date with Eme

I had a date with Eme today. I supposed to see him at 5. You know what I did?

I set my day to work half day only, went home hours before the date – so I could take a nap and feel fresh. 194 more words

New Day

Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks

The antidote to all that complaining….gratitude.  Instead of always focussing on what we expect, we focus on what we have.  Try it!