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Personal Relationships With the Saints

The idea of having a personal relationship with a Saint would make the Evangelical’s head spin. And the idea would probably make the Fundamentalist’s head actually explode. 411 more words

Life In Christ

A Patristic/Medieval Commentary On Psalm 100

For those who might be interested in how this Psalm was used in the ancient and medieval liturgies, I have included an appendix which notes various uses antiphons, collects, etc.  3,281 more words


St Augustine's Notes on Psalm 100

The following is taken from St Augustine’s Exposition On The Book Of Psalms.

1. Ye heard the Psalm, brethren, while it was being chanted: it is short, and not obscure: as if I had given you an assurance, that ye should not fear fatigue . 4,028 more words


Draw me after You, Part 2

Sept 14, 2014

Mass ended. Joy still flooded over me. I had been smiling so much, my face almost hurt. Feeling well-fed and recharged, I finally met the one who I’d been longing to meet. 603 more words


Father Boylan's Introduction to Psalm 100


ACCORDING to the title, this psalm, is a hymn of thanksgiving, and from verse 4 we see that it is a processional hymn. 154 more words


Draw me after You, Part 1

September 14, 2014

This morning, before Mass, I went into the main church to chant lauds. There was older gentleman in black, up by the tabernacle and I hoped it didn’t bother him. 541 more words