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British Lesbian Bridges Gap Between Catholic and LGBT Communities

For this blog, which covers Catholic LGBT issues, we usually think of it as important news when an LGBT person achieves some positive recognition by a Catholic institution.   522 more words



A lot of people think that I am pretty fearless. I’ve done things that might give people that indication. My move to New York is thought to be a bold and fearless move by a lot of people. 757 more words


Letters of Spiritual Direction

“May this same God inspire me to say what will be best for your direction.

It isn’t possible for you to be so soon mistress of your soul and have it so totally in hand right away. 302 more words

Day 19

Day 19/100

Today I found joy in cold water!

It was 33 degrees (Celsius!) and there just so happened to be a nice rushing river nearby my friends cabin. 126 more words

Thoughts on the Sign of Peace and the Sacrifice (and Supper) of the Mass

When I was in college, I often went to daily mass — it was easy, because the chapel faced the quad where many of my classes were. 1,083 more words


Worldly Desires

It’s been six months now that I’ve been a Catholic.  After my confirmation I took a hiatus from the blog as I felt I had so little to contribute and so much to learn.   493 more words


“Mass is not about who you sit next to.  It’s not about what priest says Mass.  It is not about what you wear or who is there.  

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