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Faith & Values in the News

Disputed Oklahoma Ten Commandments statue smashed

I guess the enemies of faith and morality got their way… the depiction of the Ten Commandments has been removed, not by the due process of law but through violence. 299 more words


Christmas is approaching

It’s the end of October!! So, hurray, Christmas is approaching! Meet the newest chocolate figurines in town! Sure, you have them in your local market. Until now, I laughed my head off at the idea of Christmas feeling at October. 313 more words


“A little drop of simple obedience is worth a million times more than a whole vase of the choicest contemplation.” -St. Mary Magdalen de’ Pazzi

The Republic vs The Monarchy: The Will of the People vs The Will of God

“In the Legislative Assembly, the more violent revolutionaries had congregated, at first simply by chance, on the higher benches to the left of the president’s chair, from which they became known as “the Left” or “the Mountain.” (The persistence to this day of the former term, along with its opposite, “The Right,” is a forceful reminder of how much the legacy of the French Revolution is still with us.) Perhaps in a feeble attempt to diffuse political labels and hatreds, when the National Convention met, the president’s chair had been set up on the opposite side of the Riding School, so the high benches where the radicals had set were now on his right. 1,837 more words


Actress Ellen Page & Singer Ariana Grande Criticize Catholics' Anti-LGBT Actions

After a month of synod coverage, Bondings 2.0 changes pace and offers some recent celebrity news relating to Catholic LGBT issues. Yet, these two items are not throw away items because their impact on younger Catholics’ faith is probably far greater than anything which happened during the last month’s synod. 782 more words


Darkness (10/25/14)

What has happened to the night’s darkness? Where has it gone? Once upon a time our cities were dark enough for us to see the stars at night. 199 more words