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On 'American Sniper' -- Part Two: The 'False Self'

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It is important to note that at no point in ‘American Sniper’ do we see our protagonist salivating at the opportunity to gun people down or gleefully exulting in the elimination of his targets.  410 more words


This Is That Love

Out of all the religions, what makes authentic Christianity unique is that, from the beginning of time, God seeks us. It’s not about adopting a set of moral values and principles…it’s about knowing God, the person of Jesus Christ, intimately. 36 more words


Catholic Woman

Once I had a professor tell me that I should not study Catholic theology because the Catholic Church had no place for me as a woman.  1,135 more words


Finally coming out of the closet

It’s kind of scary sharing this post with people, I’ve been very open in previous posts on this blog in the past about lots of different things about my life but I’ve never publicly confirmed this. 1,927 more words


4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - Pleasing the Lord

A Catholic homily by Fr Robbie Low
Readings:   Deuteronomy 18: 15-20, Ps 94, 1 Corinthians 7: 32-35,
Mark 1: 21-28

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“The Belief Book” Teaches Children About Religion from an Atheist Perspective

by Hemant Mehta

Any atheist parents out there may want to check out this new children’s book about religion written by David G McAfee and illustrated by  125 more words



One of the great mysteries in the New Testament is why the disciples didn’t recognize Jesus after the resurrection. Being the curious type, I dug around a bit online and found that the question tends generally to be avoided, but when it does come up, the scripted responses more or less go like this: 2,182 more words