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Holy Water?

There are many different “religions” that have their belief systems when it comes to the subject of Holy water. Probably the most notable are the Catholics. 339 more words


Protestants - EA Vol. III

Encyclopaedia Avalonia Vol. III …

Protestantism began with Martin Luther, a 16th century German priest who protested against Papal rule by nailing a list of complaints – especially ecclesiastical tardiness – to a cathedral door in the German town of Worms. 105 more words


Catholic Nun With "Stomach Cramps" Squirts Out Baby Boy

Inquiring minds want to know: does this mean Jesus is a cuckold? Or a stone-cold womb-packing stud??

A Catholic nun in Italy has given birth to a baby boy — despite living in an all-female community and taking vows of “chastity…

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The continued religious scamming

Just when I think the stink dies down and we can get a rest from the frummery and flim flam disguised as religion, here comes another one. 233 more words

US Evangelicals and Catholics join forces to warn of 'grave threat' of gay marriage

Senior Roman Catholics and evangelicals in the US have joined forces to warn of a grave “threat” to society caused by same-sex marriage.

In a statement to be published in the March edition of First Things, the US journal of religion, they describe the legalisation of same-sex marriage as “a graver threat” to society than divorce or cohabitation. 449 more words


Oil and Vinegar

Oil and Vinegar 

Oil and vinegar do not mix unless shaken and suspended by an emulsifier. It is a great condiment in combination, but let it stand by itself and it soon separates into two parts. 625 more words