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Birth Control: A Boost for Women and the Economy

Today I want to talk about the vast economic and societal benefits of making all birth control free and easily accessible to women. There is a huge amount of literature our there that supports the argument that free birth control has been, and will be, extremely beneficial to women’s advancement in society. 517 more words

Birth Control

Let's hear it for weekday mass . . .

. . . where the worship is peaceful, quiet, and fruitful:

My mother, a musician, struggled to endure the off-key singers who led hymns, unfortunately for us all, at Sunday Mass in my hometown parish.

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Gov. Christie--A Politician Who Understands Subsidiarity

Deal W. Hudson

Because of the ongoing furor about who caused the holiday traffic jams in Northern New Jersey, much of what Gov. Christie has done well as governor has been forgotten.  1,064 more words


Always Open to Learning More

Story of the Day for Tuesday November 25, 2014

Always Open to Learning More

“You are so silly and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken.” 503 more words


The Conquistador versus the Pilgrim Thanksgiving

Inaccuracies exist in these portraits, but Catholic Spain sent soldiers and Pilgrims consisted of families. I’m related to both Europeans and the Native Americans. Peace loving priests did exist among the Spanish, but many also put Catholicism over humanity.The fact my ancestors may have tried to kill each other inspired me to write a novel. 388 more words


Corpus christi

Christ the King Sunday celebrates the all-embracing authority of Christ as King and Lord of the cosmos. it is celebrated on the final Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Sunday before Advent. 809 more words