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What I Love About The Church


I can go to any Catholic Church anywhere in the world and be able to understand Mass.  Other than the cultural differences and language, the Mass itself is the same.   44 more words


Staunch Or Devout?

why are Protestants seen as staunch yet Catholics are described as devout? What is the difference and why?

The Double-Hypocrisy Of The 'Pro-Life' Argument

Okay, so here's the 'pro-life' premise:

A foetus is a person, and abortion is therefore murder.

Which doesn't really get us very far, as it doesn't address the pro-choice premise, which is:

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Special Limited Tour Edition

In 1974 Northern Ireland was torn apart. Only few musicians were willing to tour the land, let alone play Belfast. Among them was, of course, guitar wizard Rory Gallagher. 35 more words


Advent, Apologies, and Joy

I have never experienced Advent in the way that I am experiencing it this year.

Each ticking off of the Sundays of Advent brings me another step closer to seeing my children return from their first semester at Baylor University – TOMORROW (God, weather, and roads willing).  834 more words


The Idealization of Marriage: A Response to Joanna Moorhead

Lest the Church should become too enraptured by the way things ought to be, Joanna Moorhead calls for its leaders to remember that real life sucks. 714 more words


The story of Moses is told again, and I join the 'Exodus' of reviewers

Religion and the big screen.

Namely, Moses and his journey to deliver the chosen people to the Promised Land and his chats with God so he could chisel out The Ten Commandments, a time-tested theme on the big screen. 551 more words