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The Philistine Gene

Coming from an eclectic background where religious beliefs are concerned (extended family who attend Mass without ever having read the Bible vs. Mom and Dad who found more sense & meaning in Eastern philosophies), I have always believed in some kind of higher force. 500 more words



One of my favorite post-work/pre-drink activities is to watch Kevin Smith movies. Exhausted, usually emotionally drained and aching for a bevy of the alcohol variety (occupational hazard), nothing lifts my spirits nor gets the hamsters that motivate my brain wires to running… more then the comedic genius of one Kevin Smith. 1,493 more words

Daily Blog

Pope Francis Gets Involved In Geopolitics, "Endorses Use Of Force" Against ISIS Jihadists

Pope Francis, who until now has had an aura of pacifism “above all else”, if now and then bashing the occasional banker for creating record wealth disparity around the globe, just shattered his reputation of a man of peace at all costs, and moments ago… 145 more words


Un-admitted to Finalities

God’s ambitious arrangement of things allows only that we are all art and contain inside us a canvas of our own, so we are obliged to expose what can be located in our lifetimes. 114 more words

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Catholic Sunday

Time to remind everyone that all the bad shit that happened to you or that will happen to you is your fault and you deserve it. 21 more words


Idolatry – What is Your Idol?

Today we live in a place and time where it would be very easy to loose focus on Jesus Christ and turn to someone or something else to worship. 890 more words


Chicago Catholic Church

Just because we belong to the same church does not mean we believe exactly the same way. See my review on the book, An Irrepressible Hope… 7 more words