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Hello Tallahassee!

My name is Andrea and I have just moved to the Tallahassee, FL area! I am someone who enjoys everything Florida has to offer, even it’s 11 months of summer! 490 more words


As I mentioned, Nevin and I just moved into a new apartment! This apartment is significantly larger than our old place and the two little boys have been enjoying themselves tremendously!

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Village Animal Hospital's Local Hero's: Gayla and Terry Murphy, making a difference!

We develop a relationship with not only the cats and dogs we see, but the wonderful people who care for them.  We enjoy hearing and learning about their goals and accomplishments, values and dreams.   390 more words



What’s the internet without your daily dosage of cats?

Loudah (Age 7, black ), Waffle (Age 10, buff), and Panda Bear (5 months, black)


No, You Clean the Litter Box!

When my wife and I exchanged vows, not a word was mentioned about cleaning the litter box. Perhaps my response would have been different if there had been. 385 more words


That strong yawn!

So last night, Jiji went about climbing his cat tower his usual way. He climbs up the poles rather than hopping up the platforms. This time though, the pole snapped due to the plastic cracking and down he went with part of the tower. 22 more words