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Not a fan...

Of karting games lol. She doesn’t even wake if you tickle her paws!


Said Sisyphus, "At least I don't have pets."

Hello, Phoebe!  How’s my pretty kitty –

Don’t give me that.  Do you know what your dog did today?

“I didn’t do anything!  I swear!” 120 more words


California Takes Most Cat Selfies In Country According To Online Cat Map

By Nadia Noir

According to our imaginary calculations, the internet was made by nerds for two things only: cats and entertainment of the “adult” variety. While there is a plenitude of both, it’s still nice when some thoughtful citizen decides to… 147 more words


There's no food in there Kittyko.

Cat burglar in training. She’s trying really hard to get into the closet.


Cheetah vs. Greyhound in Slo-Mo

Not content with documenting flying prowess, Earth Unplugged turned their attention and high-speed camera on a cheetah and a greyhound to compare.