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The Curious Life of Cats

So, I wake up at 1:30am on April 16th.. the outside temp is 30 degrees, the inside temp is 60 degrees.. I look over and both cats seem to be quite comfy..I look at them and think, aren’t you freezing?? 53 more words


How to Care For a Cat So Fat and Feather Bedding

OwnerPets.com – Have a healthy cat, fat, funny and energetic is the yearning of everyone that hobby. For that we demanded to take care of it with painstaking. 330 more words


Shrinking Hopes

I visited Gus today and talked to the vet.  Some of the treatments are helping Рthe IV is easing his dehydration, but he is still refusing food and slipping farther away.   20 more words


Today I feel..

Love this sweater <3 Can I have it please ^^ Sweaters like this always make me smile! All the different cat emotions are absolutely adorable!! <3 I think the cat face that would describe how I feel today is simply "good" :)


6 Reasons Why Cats are Truly Evil

Cats are evil. Sure, they make great house pets, but there has always been something about them…

Here is the list of DEFINITIVE PROOF – the reasons why cats are, without a doubt, evil. 661 more words

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