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Cats and dogs and people, oh my!

Here are two  stories, one about a cat and one about a dog and how perhaps we humans can  get along withthem if we just work together. 90 more words


The Most Awesome Principal EVER!

This is a story that came out of Reddit. The USA Today story is here as well.

In a pinch, a High School Senior Student in New York wanted to have his Final Yearbook Picture done with his cat to create awareness for the… 124 more words

A cat's view of fall

Cats have a different way of looking at the fall season than we humans do. Here’s a few examples of how a cat might view the changing seasons: 167 more words


Mrs Grinch to Hubby Grinch: Honey, I Think I Drank the TruthSerum .....and look what came up (*Humming*)

By Karen Taylor


Mrs Grinch to Hubby Grinch: Honey, I went shopping at WordPress Commons today and the Commons Manager, you know the damsel with the red hair, recommended that we get someone to try their newest brand of tea, … 730 more words

Women Family And Relationships

I want to play a game with you...~!

Okay, so here’s the deal. I love learning. I’m not happy if I’m not trying to master something. And I’ve noticed a recent deficiency, namely in my language learning. 216 more words


The Least They Could Do

A note from Oliver:

My Girl has been very busy lately. I don’t like that. Her job is to be here with me. She’s supposed to snuggle me and pet me and feed me. 190 more words


Ranking the Top 15 Presidential Pets

While we may not have many things in common with the Commander-in-Chief, one thing many of us do have in common is that we love our pet(s). 716 more words