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We are a small group who help catch the street cats of southport, sometimes called ferals, get them neutered, re-released or re-homed if possible. We try to socialize cats and kittens and try and find them a forever home whenever possible. 40 more words


5 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Falling Out of a Window

When the weather gets nice and people open their apartment windows, cats and dogs can (quite literally) start falling from the sky.


Sketching Cats and Dogs

My first lesson with Val Webb on sketching cats and dogs was Monday. The first lesson is called Pencil Language. We started with a primer on how we were going to be using our 4B graphite pencils including warm-up exercises to become more familiar with how to create hatching, cross-hatching, scumbling and stippling. 284 more words


Happy Birthday Musketeers!

Our Musketeers, Midnight, Maxie and Tuxie, turn 9 years old today.




No birthday can be celebrated without a rare group shot … 16 more words


Nervous in Armani

Do I look a bit stiff? Don’t get me wrong, I adore Armani! Master of elegance. It’s just that I am a bit nervous. This is my first Armani! 45 more words


Whiskers of Wisdom

“Cats have incredible vision, but they never see your flaws.” – Anon


Great State: The 2 Legged Cat from Edmond Who Became an Internet Star

EDMOND, OKLAHOMA — He walks like a duck, but has whiskers like a cat. Meet Mercury, an 11 month old kitten who gets by just fine on two legs, and who lives quietly ‘offline’ with Scott Bohn and his wife in Edmond. 299 more words