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Current Prices at SPOT Clinic

Surgery prices: (subject to change at anytime)
Dog Spay/Neuter $55
Cat Spay $40
Cat Neuter $35
Feral Cat (in trap) Fix, Ear Tip & Rabies $40… 66 more words


Stealing someone else's bed..

My cat loves sleeping in my dog’s bed! :o

He has been caught sleeping on Doggie’s bed several times…

Kitty has a bed.. and I wonder why he likes sleeping on Doggie’s bed instead. 89 more words


Starring.....Sascha Cat

Well…what a surprise. It looks like Sascha has been short listed for a Cat Calendar. She’s obviously over the moon but I will have to watch her cattitude as she’s already a prima donna. 18 more words


everything is blooming

We’ve put in lot of hard work with the garden since we moved, and this spring we’re really starting to see the results. The picture above is the first of our fruit trees to blossom this year. 328 more words


Ask The Vet

It was my pleasure to contribute to February 2014 Woman’s Day “Ask A Vet” column and now I am thrilled to tell you that I will be doing a regular “Ask The Vet” column online for Boomeon. 50 more words

Dr. Primm's Warm And Fuzzies

Surprise! Something Interesting about Cats

Perhaps the only thing that suggests that cats are at all interesting is their propensity to scare themselves for no apparent reason. We have all seen it; the silly beast will leap into the air then run in terror out of a room. 68 more words

Unnoticed In Clever Worlds

Do You Wanna Know What A Service Cat Is??

Well furiends mommy and meez been chattin’ and meez wealized dat not evewpawdy here on meez blog follows us on facebook. So dat means dat sum of you’s don’t weally know what all sis Lexi and meez du fur mommy as service cats. 281 more words

Meez Meows