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Nothing Exciting

The cats spent some time outside but I didn’t take any pictures.  So I took some inside.  This half of the room works like a light box in a studio.   54 more words


That time I may have almost died from cat scratch fever

FYI: before starting this story, I feel like I need to give full disclosure about the fact that I am an obsessed-hypochondriac my passion for health. 1,883 more words



I have this cat who sits on me literally every free ounce of her day, it’s quite flattering and tiring at the same time.

Such a Smart Big Little Kitty Cat!

Cats are very uncooperative subjects for behavioral research. Some interesting if sparse evidence is discussed in What Are Cats Thinking? Cats have performed as well as dogs on the “pointing test,” which demonstrates “an ability to understand what another animal is thinking.” I’ve had some pretty smart cats over the years, but it’s hard to appreciate a cat’s mind without living with it. 54 more words

Throwback Thursday - Jinx

Jinx was part of a somewhat rugged time of life when my dad packed us all up and moved us to Cheyenne, WY to pastor a church there. 19 more words


Desk Doubles As A Playground For Cats

Posted on April 23, 2014 by catcat

Cats will adore this fashionable table with created-in tunnels that can enjoy in! It is also a standard table for us to use. 13 more words

Daily Ideas

Tabby on the Windowsill

When the cat takes his paw to touch your foot,

it is a velvet-caress of affection.


It is the more civilized love he shows you, 137 more words