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So, there's a houseboat in Amsterdam for stray cats and it's adorable

In case you were wondering where you were going to get your daily dose of cats from, we’ve found it.

This cat sanctuary in Amsterdam is actually built on a houseboat which resides in a canal, making it the world’s only floating pet-rescue centre. 220 more words


The Daring Trio - Update

It has been a crazy bumpy ride with these three kittens this summer but I wouldn’t have missed out on it given the chance. They¬†will be nine weeks old on Wednesday. 127 more words


Sour Puss

My cat Lestat parades around like he owns the world, I’m sure that in his furry little head he imagines that he is a panther stalking stealthily through a tropical rainforest. 252 more words


Witty Kitties

Just back from a holiday in Greece, but it’s not the brilliant weather or beautiful beaches I’m going to talk about.

I have gone to Greece many times over the years, and on each visit I keep a look out for the stray cats which live there, especially in the towns. 129 more words

At the New Home

Well, we’re here. We’re here in our new home. Home is a mobile home in former farmer country. I mean, I think there are still active farms here, but I don’t know what is what yet. 215 more words

Checking in with Harry

It’s been three months since Harry came to live with me so I wanted to share some more photos. Look away if you don’t enjoy cat pictures and really if you don’t, you need to reassess :) 78 more words