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Venting about Vets

I love animals very much especially cats. Dogs are sweet, but I am a cat lover. This is about peoples pets. There are some places you can go and they have payment plans and that is great especially when the bill is high. 322 more words


How to keep a cat amused

A cat is an unique creature, as such all cats need unique entertainment. Below you will find a few helpful hints to aid you in entertaining a a cat. 214 more words


Wednesday Whimsy Cat Romance Doesn't Run Smoothly

Continuing on with my current weekly series of fun 1800’s Victorian “trade cards,”  from my collection, here’s one from Brummel’s Fine Candies that I found amusing: 59 more words


I have a cat named Angel

Who is fond of walking towards me to try to gain attention while I try to take photos of him. 49 more words


Until I Say So . . .

. . . no more work will be done.

–Signed, Barney

P.S.  You think she put the computer aside on her own?  Come now.  It is me, Barney, who put the computer aside.   21 more words