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turkish van

hi my peoples


cat for today.

the turkish van

is a rare breed originating in ancient turkey.

i had some pretty old turkey the other day… 184 more words

Teddy Talks

More Kat Careers

Mail Carrier ↑

Private Detective ↑

Coffee Server ↑

Musician ↑

Cleptomaniac ↑

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Jewelry Tester ↑

Airline Pilot ↑ 114 more words


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More job opportunities for felines (I have some lap-warmers.)

Unlike my boys, Diva is somewhat shy and aloof. She likes to sit back and watch, very quietly, if she is unsure or if she doesn’t want to join in the ruckus. 137 more words


Day 1565, April 23, 2014 - The Newbie

A dreary day with no real sun for photography. Besides being very busy at work, working later than normal, and rushing home for date night with Ann, cats are always there for you! 97 more words

365 Pictures

Trapdoor Kitty

The Cattus Porta, or Trapdoor Kitten, is similar to the spider of the same name in that it hides behind a flap or “trapdoor”, waiting to spring out to grab its unsuspecting prey.


Frozen... Like the Movie

Yes.. I am one of those girls who is absolutely in love with the movie frozen! Sometimes when im bored and avoiding doing my homework for as long as possible, I google things like “Frozen Remakes” or “Frozen Memes” among many other Frozen themed things!  115 more words