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10 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Chatters at Birds

Some behaviorists speculate that it has something to do with cats’ pent-up frustration of not being able to go outside and catch the bird.

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This Video Game Will Let You Be a Cat (Finally!)

A few months ago, we reported that a video game that would let you pretend to be a cat is in the works. In that game, the player’s only objective is to knock things over. 190 more words

Winston's Revenge

Yesterday, John and I had to take our fur babies to the vet, which is always fun. Sissy is healthy and has gained 2lbs from last time, she now weighs 7.14lbs. 503 more words


There are no cats in America?

Our futures are like this – devoid of risk or threat, far sunnier than our ravaged pasts. We can place our hopes there, safely, for we know that in the future all will be right. 93 more words

Rome, Italy: Museo Delle Cere (Wax Museum) and the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary


Oh my, have I got a treat for you today!  Rome isn’t all high culture and ruins.  Fortunately for people like me, it is also home to an extremely terrible… 984 more words