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I'm back! Here's what the farm has been up to.

I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging over the fall/winter. Why? New job, lots of farm work, too many excuses, but I’m looking forward to writing more this year. ¬† 394 more words


Sunday Branding at the Coast

This morning we started out early at the beautiful Gaviota Coast, gathering all the cows and calves.

The view was spectacular and we were lucky to have summer weather in January. 432 more words


Rainwater Collection Series 4: Flow Chart of Flowing Water

To recap the journey water makes on my farm:

Solar distilled water in the atmosphere

Falls as precipitation

Barn roof


Collection Barrels

Pumped up to elevated tank (Via this… 28 more words


Rainwater Collection Series 3: Purifying Rain Water for Human Use

The last main hurdle of settling on the property is purifying the rain water that has run off the metal barn roof that has been treated with who-knows-what then stored in petroleum based tanks that my leach additional undesirables. 400 more words


Rainwater Collection Series 2: Rain Water Collection Barrels

With the exhaustive calculations for gutter and downspout planning complete, the next hurdle is for containers to collect rainwater. Craigslist to the rescue!

While I could pick up the typical blue 55 gallon plastic drums for around $40 each, I could spend double that for the roughly-cubic 300 gallon containers in the metal mesh. 138 more words


Rainwater Collection Series 1: Gutters for Barn

WARNING: This post gets dense!

Rainwater collection is another vital aspect of my farm operation. While a well is drilled, pumped and plumbed, I would prefer to save its operation for emergencies. 387 more words