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Calving on the ranch

We are in the middle of calving season here at River Bend. Most all of our Solid Rock calves have been born, now many of our commercial herd cows are calving. 160 more words


Ruby's here to stay

This month has been tense at Mark’s Farm, after another TB test. The vet checked each of the cattle individually and announced there were no reactions to their initial injections and it was another ‘clear test’. 413 more words

A peak into what our farm is about.

Here is a video we put together letting the world know what we do at our farm. Enjoy. Got questions?? Ask!


Time to feed the cows

Annie and Winnie are warming up to their new surroundings. Winnie never ventures far from her mom, but we hope to get closer to her in the near future. 49 more words


Caring about caring for animals

This week all over the news there has been the big story about employees being charged with animal cruelty on the largest dairy farm in Canada. 242 more words


Trials and tribulations...

As we prepare our property for the arrival of Annie and Winnie, we’ve already started learning valuable lessons. Did you know a pail of supplement smells like death? 77 more words