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Checking on the Cattle

Keeping an eye on all the cattle on several different large leases in no easy task. Feeding hay every other day lets us take a good look, but we really rely heavily on our horseback crew to observe and report. 143 more words


Determining Paddock Needs

While technology is often is a distraction and detraction to satisfaction, it provides invaluable tools. My planning will be done through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to maximize performance and efficiency of the farm operation. 228 more words


Brief Overview: Grazing Sciences

Cows are picky if given the opportunity to selectively graze. They will return to the most delicious grasses as soon as new growth appears while letting the less palatable (but equally nutritious) grasses reach maturity (thus no longer nutritious), seed and eventually crowd out the good stuff. 186 more words


Meals on Wheels for Some Hungry Mamas

Now that the cattle are all back from their carrot cleanse in Bakersfield, it’s time to feed again. Every day Jerry & Wayne rotate which ranch they deliver to. 47 more words


It was a looooooong hot summer

This summer marked the 5th straight year in a row of California drought. While people in town struggled with how often to refill their swimming pools, further up the road we dealt with a ground so dry it started to crack. 312 more words

Fall Gathering, or Sagebrush Meditations

Sam and Monica still do lots of things the old way, using horses to gather to gather up the cattle. Sam may own a four-wheeler, but he is much more at home on a horse. 502 more words


Impact of the growth of the Brazilian beef feedlot sector

Tim Hornibrook posed the question, with Brazil set to dramatically intensify its beef sector what will be the flow on effects for other beef exporting nations and for Brazil’s cropping sector. 186 more words

Tim Hornibrook