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Fall Gathering, or Sagebrush Meditations

Sam and Monica still do lots of things the old way, using horses to gather to gather up the cattle. Sam may own a four-wheeler, but he is much more at home on a horse. 502 more words


Impact of the growth of the Brazilian beef feedlot sector

Tim Hornibrook posed the question, with Brazil set to dramatically intensify its beef sector what will be the flow on effects for other beef exporting nations and for Brazil’s cropping sector. 186 more words

Tim Hornibrook

Beef prices to continue to increase

Former Paraway Pastoral director, Tim Hornibrook commented that “despite cattle slaughter numbers in Australia being higher again in 2014 than 2013’s record slaughter rate, Australian cattle prices should continue to increase in 2014/15”. 108 more words

Tim Hornibrook

Why I'm Not a Fan of Angus Cattle

I can almost hear the collective gasp coming from the cattle-people among you. What do you mean you don’t like Angus!? They’re a wonderful breed! Because marbling! 2,093 more words


A tale of respiratory disease

So the past two weeks I’ve been battling a chest cold. I finally bit the bullet and went to my doctor today Diagnosis: bronchitis. I have asthma and a history of bronchitis and pneumonia, so I was expecting this. 654 more words


Determinants of use of breeding technologies in dairy cattle farms in Senegal

Milk production in Senegal is dominated by the use of indigenous breeds with low milk production potential (around 0.7 – 1.5 litres per cow per day). 171 more words

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First Calves of the Year!

I love the fall.

All of the best things happened to me in the fall.

My birthday is in the fall.

I always loved school growing up, and school started (at least when I was a kid) in the fall. 312 more words