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Shimmering in the Night

When we realized that Dr. Hadarian’s new development allowed anyone to, for fairly cheap, convert lumps of organic material into animals of just about any shape, we were ecstatic. 679 more words


The Centennial: February 1, 1915

It’s not enough. She nudged the cradle. It creaked on its rockers, wobbled on the uneven floorboards. Their corner apartment, ordinarily gemütlich, now felt like a rat’s cage. 400 more words



Yesterday straw, today loose minerals.

Three bags each of Redmond salt, Acadian kelp meal, and Fertrell Nutribalancer.  Hopefully this will last for a while.

Farm Life

Hay Ya!

No hay today.  The grass is growing just fine.  We’ll hay tomorrow or the next day.

What a great year!


It's more than "just a cow"

Moo! That might be a cow’s way of saying “hello, and thank you for reading!”

Showing livestock, more specifically cattle, has been around for years and is something that some people do as their favorite past-time. 193 more words


Bovine Spotlight: Embryo Transport Case w/Incubator

This embryo transport box is a product of Minitube International and comes complete with the embyo transport incubator. Available at Reproduction Provisions for $2,500, please call and ask us about this product! 18 more words

Reproduction Provisions