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BIG Catch-Up!

I sincerely apologize for the huge hiatus from this blog! I had a busy couple of weeks. My family stayed for two weeks at the ranch as guests and I ended up forgoing a lot of blogging to spend time with them; the ranch’s head wrangler sustained an injury to his ankle and I ended up working as the interim head wrangler for a week, and then I managed to injure myself the following week by falling off of Midge bareback. 235 more words

How Can I Wear This Many Hats with Only One Head?

I get the question every once in a while, “What it is like working in a mixed animal practice where one minute you need to work on a cat, the next you have to work on a goat?” I respond to those folks that it always keeps things interesting because you don’t know what is coming next. 717 more words


Showing Cattle Is More Than Ribbons And Banner

Showing livestock provides youth with important life lessons in responsibility, along with an understanding and devotion to agriculture.

It’s not all about the shining trophies, purple ribbons, or champion plaques. 942 more words

Cow Palace

New Pastures - Part 2

In addition to the fencing for the new grazing paddocks we have to install water troughs. The labor intensive way to water cattle is to drag a hose from place to place and fill up the trough. 348 more words


Damage to gate by bull

Ok, somebody has got to go away. Reno has slowly destroyed one of our gates. It needed replacing, so maybe I should thank him for ripping it out for me, but I would have like to have done it on my schedule, not his. 81 more words

Ranch Life

10 Unexpected Things That Dogs Can Smell

Let’s face it: as a species, we’ve ruined nature. We’ve melted the ice caps with our spray-on deodorant; turned the rainforests into barren sludge; and even taken the atom—the building block of the universe—and turned it into a weapon. 865 more words


Planting Blanket Flowers at the Ranch

We planted lots of tree and flower seeds hoping they sprout and thrive up at Dove Ranch. However, nothing says instant gratification like planting living growing things in plain view.  733 more words