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Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis)

This post is as a direct result of a post by John Mallaney on a Little Egret. I was reminded of the cattle egret we see so very often, everywhere and as a result sort of ignore. 181 more words


Weekend Madness to Picture Butte part 3

Since we were on Mexican time the night before and had been up way too late eating those tacos, we couldn’t help but sleep in a bit. 1,140 more words



There’s a saying about fences. ¬†And it’s true.

I have an extra one: “If you want to plant trees on a grazing property, you’d better have good fences.” 915 more words


A year's worth of work for a big payday

This post’s topic is a little bit old, but I would still like to put in my two cents about it. Last June, many farmers, 4-Hers (past and present), and farming communities were shocked at the events that unfolded at what would have been an otherwise regular 4-H sale. 280 more words