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Day Four: the little things

I spent the majority of my day at a bridal shower for a friend’s relatively new wife. As a general rule, I hate anything that involves the word “shower” unless it is, literally, a shower. 650 more words

I don’t trust girls who have different friends every year.

What’s wrong with you?


Young Lilith

Little Lilith- Chan

Lilith was born in the 26 / april / 2012

She was alone a bit time till Loki comes to home U.U


First Time We Met

3 November / 2013

Please take care of me! ^^

よろしくおねがいします! ^^


Heart Stealer

Loki- chanHe can loves you in a few ways, he knows more, but he’s so lazy…


Hello World!

     Hello dear visitor O////O

This is Loki and this is Lilith.

We are brother and sister,

and we are so in love each other~

 Awww awww awwww >…<