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For the Love of Women series part 1



Short, tall, thin, curvy, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass shaped, long hair, short hair, curly, straight, redhead, brunette, blonde. So many endless labels we put on each other and ourselves.  241 more words

Life In Love

Part of the Problem

Over the weekend I was at a barbeque. It was great and there was much food and drink and merriment. Later in the evening, after more than a few beverages were consumed, I sat adjacent to a conversation I could hardly believe was taking place in 2014 amongst two young women. 436 more words


such a crisis.

I’ve realize this a long time ago that I’m very introverted and awkward. A coworker asked me to join the group for some dinner after closing, I said I couldn’t go. 408 more words

Real Stories from Toronto #2,415,904 - Machismo

At a nightclub:

Some dude approaches a girl, “Pretty girl like you can’t be single!”

My boyfriend’s working.

“At this hour? What does he do?” 45 more words


When you see a former friend

and she’s got fat GIGANTIC.

Ha. Suck it bitch. 


Bitchy, catty, sorry not sorry, 

It’s like when you find out your exes new girlfriend is a raging dog, it shouldn’t feel good but oh god it does. It feels so good.