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Detective 624 - Batgirl kills Catwoman

Detective 625 (Dec. 90) sees the big finale to the Ostrander/Sprang/Henry/McKone/Marzan Jr comic-within-a-comic storyline.

Batman has managed to deduce the identity of the killer claiming to be him, and confronts the psychiatrist who had released back into the public.  174 more words

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Detective 612 - Cats!

I may not have cared for the last 2-parter by Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell, but all is forgiven with Detective 612 (March 1990), a really wonderful story that has Catwoman making her first appearance in a Bat-book in years, as well as Cat-Man’s first post-Crisis appearance. 176 more words

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[Review] Người dơi trở lại – Batman Returns (1992)

Trong số những siêu anh hùng truyện tranh thì Người Dơi chắc hẳn phải là hình tượng được ưu ái nhất. Tuy khán giả hiện đang quen thuộc hơn với hình tượng Người Dơi của Christopher Nolan nhưng đối với mình thì khó có bộ phim nào có thể vượt qua được bản Batman Returns do Tim Burton đạo diễn và sản xuất năm 1992. 1,044 more words

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If Our Daughter Had Questions

Last night a friend of mine showed me an article written by a man who took his daughter to a comic book * store and how he had to deal with his feelings about the presentation of women and his daughters questions. 562 more words

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Bill Finger, The Mack Daddy

I’d fancy a hefty wager that most of you don’t know the name Bill Finger. In fact, you probably don’t even know the name Bob Kane. 826 more words

The Caped Crusader keeps an eye on Gotham and his social media followers

Superheroes have exploded in popularity in the last decade. It started off with “Batman Begins.” Christian Bale stole our hearts with quite possibly the worst Batman voice of all time. 356 more words

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Ideal 52 #11: Catwoman


Selina Kyle fights to keep a grip on the criminal underworld of Gotham City, but there are some threats that she just isn’t prepared for. 454 more words