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This morning I opened the dryer to put some clothes in, and I found an open bag of brown sugar. Evidence suggested that it had been there for some time and had been sampled liberally. 16 more words

'Boot-Hands' the Pirate

L already has her dad’s weird sense of humor.

Baby Selfie

Her first selfie. I’m so proud. 

Caught in the Act!

This week we have 4 lovely sisters who were caught in the act! 

Caroline Corke & Nina Kennedy: Nina and Caroline were literally lifesavers this week, and throughout the semester! 202 more words

Caught In The Act

Today I told A that I was giving her some medicine to help her eye stop hurting. When I went to the cabinet for baby Tylenol we were out, so…I mixed 2 Tablespoons of water, a pinch of sugar, and 2 drops of green food coloring in a medicine cup. 6 more words

This morning, A took D over to the measuring stick we have on the wall to measure him. I didn’t watch, but I did take notes on their conversation.

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Caught in the Act!

The Caught in the Acts for this week are…

Jackie Close

put in great jokes for the text-in voting

Paxton Mittleman

brought someone a cookie to chapter… 73 more words

Caught In The Act