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Why I Am Not Satisfied With Big Data

Today I was listening to EconTalk’s episode featuring Gary Marcus on the future of AI and the brain and they put into words a thought that I have been having for a while relating to Big Data.   214 more words


Negative Causation

So here’s how it goes:

You walk by a house with windows, and you look over at one of the windows. You also notice a rock on the side of the pavement. 1,637 more words


Powney v Kerang and District Health [2014] VSCA 221

The plaintiff in this matter suffered a left upper arm abscess and septicaemia following an injection of pethidine for post-operative pain relief. The abscess required surgical drainage and the plaintiff commenced proceedings in Victoria against the hospital alleging negligence. 387 more words

Case Law Update

From Regularities to Counterfactuals

In two previous posts we looked at David Hume’s argument that causation should be analyzed in terms of regularities between kinds of events. We found that his argument has… 445 more words

David Hume

Knowledge and control: Effectuation vs Causation

“Knowledge is power.” This is usually attributed to Francis Bacon, who said something similar enough. He was roughly a contemporary of Descartes and went all in in this… 1,127 more words


Blame shifting: Economics & financial engineering

Economists are one of the mainstream culprits blamed for the 2007/2008 financial crisis and the ensuing problems that followed. I find this tendency both frustrating and one sided. 393 more words


Alcohol outlet densities correlate with alcohol-related health outcomes in Scotland: but so what?

By Elizabeth Richardson

In our recently-published study into alcohol outlets and health in Scotland we found strong correlations between the two: neighbourhoods with higher availability of outlets had higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalisations.  826 more words

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