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David Hume on the Observability of Causation

The Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) argued that concepts must be rooted in sense experiences in order for them to be meaningful. In section two of his famous publication entitled… 1,017 more words

David Hume

leadership as an indicator

leadership follows good people, not the other way around.

Leadership is a little paradoxical.  We don’t become great people because we became “leaders” or took a leadership position – …

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Discloser of confidential business plan almost misses out on the fruits of its labour

Peter Heerey AM, QC, Tom Cordiner & Alan Nash
Correspondents for South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia

Note: Where any of the barristers were involved in a case reported below and the matter is still running, or potentially so, the other correspondents have taken the role of reporting that case. 738 more words

Case Note

What is Warrant?: In Defense of a Causal Account

James Douglas Baird

’15, Covenant College


Deciphering the nature of knowledge and epistemic warrant is a sticky task that has received many avid participants in recent years. 5,286 more words


Life Shaped By Odd Shaped Dominos

Move over string theory. We all have stings on us, but my theory of life looks like my theory of the universe. “My Jacks falling like dominos theory,” hold true in the history of events and our genetic history. 215 more words


Locke on powers, etc.

I’ve been pouring over Locke’s Essay.  One reason for doing so is that while straight-up passivists are usually (either expressly or deep down) Humeans, less overtly passivist positions in/elements of the contemporary powers-related discussion are, in key respects, recognizably Lockean.  1,264 more words

About Powers


What criteria can be used to distinguish between correlation and cause & effect 

First, it is important to know what correlation and cause & effect means to be able to distinguish between them… 614 more words