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Causation. Colonisation. Capitalism. Canada.

In the last few days since the death of several soldiers in Canada, the local media coverage has been extensive. I’m not entirely convinced to the existence of widespread journalistic integrity and as such I wanted to take a moment to clarify and address what I perceive to be several fundamental issues that have arisen. 1,423 more words

Correlation and Causation: the merits of the observational study

When someone on my Facebook feed, or in the comments section of a health news article lambastes a health claim because the study in question is not a clinical trial, I just want to facepalm and sigh. 1,178 more words


GUEST POST // Causal Curses? by Spahr Plops

Maybe the world is cursed
based on causation
The more people
the more words spoken

Phrases were sacred
easily kept secret
when there weren’t so many… 15 more words


Big data challenges

Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis, from the National Research Council, nails some of the challenges of big data. But the challenges for massive data go beyond

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Interesting Relevant Studies

A Defence of Incompatibilism–Frankfurtian Objections To the Principle of Alternative Possibilities

Most of us are inclined to believe that at least some of our actions are up to us, or, as philosophers put it, that we have a capacity to choose a course of action from an available set of possible alternatives. 2,770 more words


The Taming of the Shrew - how and at what cost? Inflation, average consumer prices, annual %, 2006-11

Is significantly reducing inflation and the elimination of hyperinflation in the past decades, only a coincidence with the globalization and liberalization of financial flows, or more generally, with the dominance of neo-iberalism, or there is an underlying organic causation? 206 more words


Cryptocurrency products and services will determine adoption of the currency - not the other way round

The critics of Bitcoin-the-currency are right… but only in the sense that the motor-car was a poor imitation of a horse…

I had a light-bulb moment this week. 1,521 more words