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Jon Borwein and Michael Rose explain the difference between correlation and causation... and why it's important @ConversationUK #science

Clearing up confusion between correlation and causation

By Jonathan Borwein (Jon), University of Newcastle and Michael Rose, University of Newcastle

UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH: What do we actually mean by research and how does it help inform our understanding of things? 1,373 more words


Correlation or Causation? The Curious Case of Mozzarella and US CIvil Engineering Doctoral Awards

You’ve collected your data, coded it, got your license for SPSS, inputted (is inputted a word?) it, and finally run correlations for all variables against all other variables and you’ve got an interesting selection of significant correlations. 174 more words

Causation, prediction, epidemiology - talks coming up

Perhaps an odd thing to do, but I’m posting the abstracts of my two next talks, which will also become papers. Any offers to discuss/read welcome! 399 more words

Philosophy Of Epidemiology - General

Freakonomics: Causation vs. Correlation

Bad historical assumptions about why things happen – after all, ice cream consumption was blamed for causing polio once upon a time.


Causation, Part 11 (Price Waterhouse)

Three Justices (Justice Kennedy, Chief Justice Rehnquist, and Justice Scalia) dissented in Price Waterhouse. The dissent argued that Title VII’s “because of” language meant the plaintiff was required to establish “but for” cause. 326 more words


Causation, Part 10 (Price Waterhouse)

The last causation post discussed Justice O’Connor’s concurrence in Price Waterhouse. Justice White also concurred in the judgment in Price Waterhouse and offered a different reasoning for the outcome. 269 more words


Evidentiary gaps: Causation in medical treatment cases

Powney v Kerang & District Health VSCA 221 saw the Victorian Court of Appeal address an appeal from a jury trial. However the focus of the Court was not only on the role of the jury, extending to evidentiary gaps in medical negligence cases and to increased risk causation cases. 793 more words