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One effect, many causes

Typically there’s more than one cause for an effect. Even if one causal factor seems to have contributed in particular to a certain outcome, other factors were almost certainly involved. 326 more words


Is The Universe Predictable?

So, last time I came to the conclusion that whether reality is a fiction or not doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that we are here, perceiving and experiencing this world. 1,290 more words


Myth of Secondary Causation; Design Hypothesis.

Via First Things

“Aquinas inherited from Platonic philosophy the idea that matter is pure potentiality. It has no organizational capacity of its own. Some modern Thomists like Jaques Maritain tried to reconcile Thomas and Darwin by suggesting that Thomas can be interpreted as inscribing a desire for form into matter, but this only confuses Thomism with what is called vitalism. 96 more words


Causal mechanisms

Quick: What’s the difference between a causal mechanism and a (productive) cause?

I bet you will say that the causal mechanism is the “means whereby” the cause causes what it causes.  281 more words

Questions, Thoughts, Etc.

How to Live a Good Life

~ Lindsey Kemlo

You don’t need to know what velocity is to ride a bike. You don’t need to know evolutionary biology to be a human. 820 more words

Human Nature

Internet Explorer vs. US Murder Rate

According to this chart, and with keeping in mind Internet Rule Number One (Correlation ALWAYS equals Causation), a decrease in market share of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer brings less murders in the US! 52 more words